With Putin flying a fighter jet pilot will go to the state Duma

With Putin flying a fighter jet pilot will go to the state Duma

The Deputy President

A member of the new convocation of the State Duma, which izberete this fall, may be the former chief of the Lipetsk aviation center Alexander Harchevsky, said two people close to the presidential administration. According to them, in the near future he will apply to participate in the primaries of “United Russia”, the results of which will determine the candidates for deputies from the party.

According to the results of the primaries pilot, most likely, will occupy one of the first places in the affinity group of the list of United Russia that can combine the Lipetsk and Voronezh region (the entire list of candidates is divided into Federal and territorial groups, which will be 35-40), says a source close to the leadership of “United Russia”. A source in the leadership of the Lipetsk branch of the party said she heard about the decision.

Jarczewski said that for the first time hears about possible participation in Duma elections.

Will lead a joint list, most likely, the Governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeev, told earlier sources . Acting deputies of the state Duma from the Lipetsk region Nikolay Bortsov and Mikhail Tarasenko also filed applications for participation in the primaries. They can run for the Duma in single-mandate constituency, said a source close to the Kremlin.

The acting Deputy of the state Duma from the Lipetsk region Nikolay Bortsov said that has no such information, but suggested that Harchevsky could enter the list of “United Russia”. The Chairman of the legislative Assembly of the region Pavel Putilin notes that the military has not yet submitted the application to participate in the primaries, but there’s still time until April 10.

Harchevsky — honored military pilot of Russia, major General of aviation. He became known in 2000, when he piloted a su-27 fighter from Krasnodar to Grozny and back together with the then acting President Vladimir Putin.

Since 2006 he was the commander of aerobatic team “Falcons of Russia”, and in 2012-2015, was the chief of the Lipetsk aviation center. Harchevsky again spoke with the head of state in 2013. Then he asked him a question during the “Straight line”, and Putin remembered his pilot. Last year, Harchevsky left of center on reaching retirement age.

The General-the major of aircraft Alexander Harchevsky (left) wears a helmet on Vladimir Putin before flying to Grozny on a su-27, 21 March 2000

Photo: Sergey Velichkin and Vladimir Rodionov/TASS

Help from military

The reputation of Kurchevskogo in Lipetsk would help the party to win, says a source close to the Kremlin. He recalled that the Lipetsk aviatsentr was in the spotlight during the fighting in Syria. Its pilots participated in the bombing. It was reported that the commander of the Turkish air force downed Oleg Peshkov, and co-driver Konstantin Murakhtin served there. The first channel even filmed a story about the center in the midst of conflict, it was reported that it was there that he studied all involved in the fighting pilots.

Harchevsky may not be the only high-ranking military, who will participate in Duma elections. Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported with reference to sources close to the defense Ministry, plans to run for the Duma of the head of the airborne forces Vladimir Shamanov. The defense Ministry later denied the report, but a source close to the leadership of “United Russia”, argues that such variant is really considered. Too much military in the list will not be there, it will be perceived as excessive militarization, he added.

Popular recognizable faces with bright charisma and mythology, and among the military, says political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko. Significantly increase the rating of “United Russia” could only Minister of defense Sergey Shoigu, the expert added.

The image of the Russian army in recent times has improved considerably, the military is attractive to the electorate, says sociologist Alexei Grazhdankin. “Another question — can the military be good legislators,” says the sociologist.