Kudrin will write an economic program for Putin

The former Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin is going to write a new economic program to President Vladimir Putin. “Kudrin discusses with the President the formal possibility to write a program outside the government,” says a source close to the presidential administration. The interviewee said that the training programme can be conducted at the Centre for strategic studies (CSS), existing since 1999. For that Kudrin may take on CSR one of the leading posts. This was confirmed by a senior government source and a source based Kudrin in the Committee of civil initiatives (CGI).

A source close to the presidential administration, says that the possible new position in CSR Kudrin does not mean that he will leave the post of President of CHY. A source in the Committee confirms this, stating that speech on the appointment of Kudrin to the position of the state. “As the negotiations continue in parts of the CSR, but 70 percent, that question will be positively solved, — the interlocutor speaks. — The question of how to make all Federal authorities cooperated with the Fund”. Open, according to a source, there is also the issue of funding, since “CSR is now stable funding needed for such an ambitious program, no.”

According to the CSR website, the Foundation provides consulting services: research and work he has ordered Russian Railways, “VTB Capital”, Manager of President, the Ministry of economic development, NPF of Sberbank, SUEK, the European development Bank and other organizations. However, recent statements on the website of the Ministry of justice of the CSR as a non-profit organization published in 2013: in the document it was reported that the receipt of the assets and funds in 2012 amounted to less than 3 million rubles According to the website of state procurements, the amount of contracts that CSR (Moscow office) concluded in 2015, amounted to more than 170 million rubles; its customers include the Russian venture company and the Moscow engineering physics Institute.

As told familiar Kudrin, talks that he led the organization that will be responsible for the development of large-scale economic program, underway since the end of last year and the exact dates of their completion are unknown. It is crucial that Alexei Kudrin as the developer of the program were authorized to request the documents and statistics of ministries and agencies, the source said. To do a project based on “common knowledge”, makes no sense: it will not have practical application.

Indeed, the negotiations rested in the authority Kudrin confirms an acquaintance. According to him, Kudrin could give final approval when satisfied that the powers are wide enough. A source in the OIG adds that Kudrin “you want to confirm that the program has a clear customer, who will provide the financial component of the training and its further implementation”. Economic programs, e.g., “Economics of growth” Boris Titov discussed by experts “Strategy-2030”. “But no one guarantees their realization”, — says the interlocutor.

According to a source in the OIG, CSR was chosen as the main “brain center” for the development of the program, because “he has a good fashion train”. The centre was established in 1999, it was headed by Herman Gref. It was under his auspices, the experts wrote a “Strategy-2010”, which actually formed the basis of the government’s economic policies in the early 2000-ies. Involved in its development experts, Elvira Nabiullina, Dmitry Rogozin, Arkady Dvorkovich, Mikhail Dmitriev — has then held high positions. In 2011, the economist Mikhail Dmitriev, who was then working in CSR, and sociologist Sergey Belanovsky presented a sensational report, which noted the onset of a deep political crisis, a collapse in support for Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev and United Russia and predicted the strengthening of discontent of political system in society.

Press Secretary Alexei Kudrin Pavel Kuznetsov has not commented on the work of the President of CHY on economic reform and its possible employment in CSR. CSR President Vladimir Knyaginin on the question of whether Kudrin to work with the centre, said : “we Have no solutions”. “A group [that would cook economic reform] in the CSR no,’ said the center. — There is nothing to discuss. There are several groups who are preparing for the government its proposals on long term strategy period (“Strategy-2030” and “Economy growth”. — ) rather, we will wait for the result of their work”. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov declined to comment.

In parallel with the economic program the President discussed the administrative reform, which will take the team to the President of Sberbank German Gref. She made a presentation about changing the system of governance for the government in October 2015, wrote “Vedomosti”. The purpose of the reform is to reduce the orders of the President and move on to project work. Reform has been discussed but not yet approved, and the government only think of the establishment of its project management office. Involved in administrative reform may be economic Council under the President, said a source in the OIG. The Council consists of, apart from Kudrin and Gref, the economic aide Andrei Belousov, Central Bank Chairperson Elvira Nabiullina, rector of the Russian presidential Academy of national economy and public administration under the President Vladimir Mau and the President’s Advisor on Eurasian integration Sergei Glazyev.

With the participation of Maxim tovkaylo, Nadezhda Ivanitskaya, Michael Rubin, Anastasia Napalkova