The interior Ministry chose the heads of the migration and anti-drug offices

The interior Ministry chose the heads of the migration and anti-drug offices

From criminal investigation to narcotics

Eliminated the Federal drug control service and the FMS will enter the Ministry of internal Affairs as the main Ministry offices with new bosses who will be appointed by presidential decree, according to two of the interlocutor in the Ministry of internal Affairs. According to them, to lead anti-drug Department Deputy chief of the criminal investigation Department of the Ministry of interior (Bureau of criminal investigation of the Ministry of internal Affairs) Andrey Khrapov.

The most likely candidate for this position calls Khrapova and the Chairman of state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Alexander Khinshtein.

As noted Hinstein in conversation with , snoring is “a professional detective, not a Martinet”. In the criminal investigation snoring oversaw the direction for combating drugs, said the Deputy.

According to a source in law enforcement bodies, snoring is not a public figure, but he has a good reputation among colleagues. In addition, the source said , the criminal investigation Department historically more opportunities to fight including with “drug” crimes, therefore, the experience of Khrapova in a new position should come in handy. A source in the Ministry said that the final decision remains with the administration of the President, but the opinion of the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev will be one of the defining.

For the post of Deputy head of the Bureau of criminal investigation of the MIA Khrapov was appointed by presidential decree in April 2013. In the next two years he was promoted from Colonel to major-General of police. The Deputy head of the criminal investigation Department in the early 1990s he worked with his father Ivan Khrapov. In 1995 snoring Sr. became head of the “cupola”.

Chrapowo Jr. will have to solve a complex problem, said a source in law enforcement bodies. He will have to produce “spot cleaning” in the ranks of the FSKN and dismiss those with whom was associated with various scandals, said a source . According to him, it needs to be done in the process of merging of the counter-narcotics units of the MUP forces and eliminated as a separate structure FDCS.

With this opinion agrees another source close to law enforcement bodies. He stressed that the appointment of a person from the Central office of the Ministry of internal Affairs to head the new “cupola” is probably the best option. According to him, after the scandal in the Directorate of economic security and counteraction of corruption and criminal cases against the heads of Department, Boris Kolesnikov, and Denis Sugrobova all who served in the interior Ministry leadership positions, receive extensive review. So people from the Central office in the anti-drug unit is “the key to the fight against corruption”.


“Commander in chief” of the Ministry of interior Affairs migration will lead the current head of the Moscow Department of the Federal migration service Olga Kirillova, said the source in the interior Ministry. Khinshtein Kirillov calls the main contender for this post. No doubt the appointment of Kirillov and close to the Ministry source . According to him, Kirillova 8 April was at a meeting with Kolokoltsev.

Head of Moscow Federal migration service of Russia Olga Kirillova

Photo: Dmitry Sukhodolsky/Interpress/TASS

Kirillov is prescribed for several reasons, lists one of the interlocutors : it is equidistant from all the power clans in the Ministry of internal Affairs and it is no obstacle, established itself as a strong specialist. “It is fair because it came to lead the Moscow Directorate of the Federal migration service of the Sakhalin region, where the local passport and visa office were present since 1995, explains the source. — Moved to Moscow, it is because Sakhalin was one of the most powerful leaders of the migration service in the country.”

On the appointment of Kirillov, continues the source, can affect its good relations with the Moscow authorities and mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Kirillova has worked closely with the city officials during the construction of the multifunctional migration center in Sakharovo (New Moscow), which was erected at the expense of the city budget.

Kirillova herself neither confirmed nor denied the information about her appointment. “No comment,” said she . To the question if she was seeing Kolokoltsev April 8, Kirillov said that “the Minister met not only with her”.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in conversation with refused to comment on possible appointment to the interior Ministry.

Curators from the Ministry of internal Affairs

On 7 April the interior Ministry decided with the curators of new directions. As reported by the official representative of Department Irina Wolf, to supervise the anti-narcotic unit will be Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy, and migration — another Deputy Minister Mikhail Vanichkin.

The press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs explained that Vanichkin Gorovoy and are the curators of directions as the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the leaders at that time remained open.

A source in the interior Ministry called the new logical destination. “Bells prefers to work with people from his team, and not from other agencies that were not always easy to build relationships,” emphasizes the source .

On the authority of the Federal drug control service and the Federal migration service of the Ministry of interior, departments of which they were already in the early 2000s, announced on 5 April, President Vladimir Putin. Putin also brought from the interior Ministry and Interior troops on the basis of which will be formed new law enforcement agencies — the national guard.

While Ivanova and without Romodanovsky

The head of the FDCS since 2008, was Viktor Ivanov, and the FMS since 2005, was headed by Konstantin Romodanovsky. Ivanov previously worked in the presidential administration, in charge of there recruitment policies and the head of the service before the service in the FMS was the head of Department of own safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

As Ivanov and Romodanovsky were appointed by Putin, their fate is the responsibility of the President, stressed the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs in conversation with .

As told by another source in law enforcement bodies, Romodanovsky not go into the interior Ministry structure. It is for this reason he was not present at the meeting with the President, announcement of the elimination of the Federal migration service and Federal drug control service as independent structures. Likely, said a source in Minsk will continue to work as Advisor to the President, he added.

The interlocutor in the state Duma notes that Ivanov and it makes no sense to go to the interior Ministry. In the presidential administration he supervised the entire power unit in the country, then ran her own Agency, so even the position of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs will be lower. “For Romodanovo it will also be a return to the same river,” says a source in the lower house of Parliament.

A source in the interior Ministry calls a “complex” question about career Romodanovsky and Ivanov. While this issue is being discussed, underlines a source in the Department.

“Kommersant” on 7 April he wrote that Ivanov could continue work on countering narcotics at the interior Ministry in the rank of Deputy Minister. In 2015, “Kommersant” reported that Ivanov might return to work in the presidential administration.