Media reported about the former owners of the apartment Rogozin

The newspaper “Vedomosti” says that the first owner of the apartments in the complex “Near dacha” on Starovolynskaya street (Ochakovo-matveyevskoye district) have structures of the Deputy of the State Duma Alexander Babakov and the President of CSKA, businessman Yevgeny Giner. Babakov in 2003 he became a state Duma Deputy from the party “Rodina”, which was then headed by Rogozin.

In January 2008 the landlord, judging by the old extract from the Russian register, was listed British company Minimal Technology Limited, established in 1999 Its Director in 2009, she was an old friend and business partner of the son of Dmitry Rogozin, Alexey.

In 2013, the apartment changed owners. They became Livi Isaev, Director of companies associated with structures and managers of God Nisanov and Zarah Iliev. However, he owned an apartment less than a year. December 5, 2013 he gave her family Rogozine and the same day became the owner of their previous apartment with a floor area of 225,5 sq. m. in the house 10 on the Big Tishinsky lane.

The Rogozin in an interview to “Echo of Moscow” explained that the former owner agreed to the exchange because he wanted for some reason to move to the center, to the house where he felt the most pleasant of my life further,” said Rogozin.

Deputy Prime Minister claimed that the apartment Starovolynskaya on the street was worth 31 million rubles. “When I made this exchange, I, of course, filed all the documents in tax, reported in the presidential administration, the relevant Department, in which I was obliged to report any changes in their property. They spent corresponding check, and, strictly speaking, the question was closed”, — said Rogozin.

In late March, the Russian branch of Transparency International has reported that it has found an apartment worth 500 million rubles, which, according to NGOs, may belong to Rogozin. The cost of the property exceeds half a billion rubles, according to Transparency, which is 10 times more family income Vice-Prime Minister for four years.