“Straight line” with Putin rehearsed in the Moscow

Rehearsal in the Moscow region

“Direct line with Vladimir Putin” will be held Thursday at Gostiny Dvor. Putin in a live broadcast of the Federal channel responds to citizens ‘ questions on the phone, goes to a direct video link with the regions, as well as talking to sitting in the Studio representatives of various industries, experts, journalists and politicians.

Preparation for the event goes a long time, recently the presidential administration was looking for people who could ask questions to the President, telling two people close to the organizers. According to them, Tuesday future visitors to the Studio, there are several hundred, gathered in the suburbs in one of the boarding houses the office of the President. It is about a boarding house “Glades” (located on Rublevo-Uspensky highway), says one of the participants. The administrator of a pension to the reporter’s question about the availability of rooms (in total there are 330 rooms, the message says on the website) reported that there are none until April 15.

In the boarding house selected to participate in a straight line people, the organizers have divided into sections, and listened, as they can ask questions. The results of the conversations from several hundred selected a few dozen people, who will communicate with the President. Someone will ask your questions, someone suggested asking the questions prepared in advance by the organizers, follows from the words of the interlocutors . With selected people held separate rehearsal. Others have been told that they will be attending in the arcade as extras and will not be able to appeal directly to Putin, said the participant.

All future participants of the straight line passed rigorous training, says the source close to the organizers. They explained that to raise the hand not to ask a question to the President, and to give a signal to the organizers of the issue. In this case, to suit him to solve problems and will not refer others. In addition, according to the interlocutor, participants are forbidden to take in hands a microphone at the girls — employees of VGTRK, who will bring his asking the questions.

Guests are encouraged not to tell about the preparation to a straight line, even their relatives, says one of the interlocutors . According to two sources close to the organizers, people are not encouraged to leave the boarding house until a straight line. No need for them to leave to Moscow or talked about the preparation — they need to get organized in Gostiny Dvor on Tuesday morning, explains one of the interlocutors. But all this does not apply to participants in a direct line from among the VIPs, he explained.

Putin is also preparing for the event, it will make it to Wednesday night, told the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. “He extracts the basic blocks that affect citizens in their complaints, promptly requesting necessary information and expert departments of the presidential administration, Cabinet of Ministers, — said Peskov. — As a rule, these days everyone is trying to sit, that is, near the phones. The President is very actively all asks.”

Ministers and businessmen

In the Studio will traditionally sit representatives of different strata of society and professional groups, but first among them will be prominently represented and officials. It will be governors and Federal Ministers, says one of the organizers. Participation of Ministers in a straight line was confirmed by a source in the government. He said that it was the wish of the Kremlin, but refused to tell about someone from the officials involved.

Ministers need a direct line to the President in the Studio dealt with the problems about which the President will inform the Russians, says a source close to the organizers. Still this format of immediate discussion by the head of state the problems with the responsible officer existed only in the forums of the popular front.

Representatives of the Front will also be seated in the Studio, it will be used by activists Nikolay Nikolaev and Olga Savastianova, says the source close to the Kremlin. Both are going to be elected to the state Duma this fall, told earlier a source in the popular front. “This will be on a straight line. This is an opportunity to be seen with the President — support in the elections,” says one source close to the Kremlin. Savastianova did not come Wednesday night to the phone, Nikolaev refused to comment.

The event will be attended and presented all major business organizations, say two participants in the event. From “Business Russia” will be about 30 people, said a source in the organization. The head of “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin said that can’t say how many people will from them, but he would in any case be in a straight line. According to Kalinin, he wants to ask the President a question related to the environment, but do not know, whether will give him the opportunity. There will be representatives of another Association “Club of leaders”, tell two people close to the organizers.

Corruption and football

Business problems and corruption will be addressed during the direct line, predicts a source familiar with the progress of the event preparation. According to him, the President not only can the need to help entrepreneurs, but also to punish severely those who violate the law — and entrepreneurs, and government officials.

Will be affected and the theme of preparation for the world Cup, he says. According to him, the President can get in touch with one of the cities, where problems arose during the construction phase of the stadiums.

The President will answer questions about international issues, I will say something about the internal politics on the eve of the Duma elections, and will focus on social issues, another source close to the organizers. According to one of the participants on social problems in this crisis year can be special emphasis.

Peskov on Wednesday morning told reporters that Russians, sent questions to Putin, are concerned with the problem of rising prices and don’t care about the theme of the ruble. The Russians send Putin questions on a special website, through call center and social networks. These questions are an excellent opportunity for analysis, Peskov said earlier. “This is probably the best in the world poll, which the President used in his everyday work”, — stressed he.

“In the current economic situation, when society is falling trust in political institutions and falling ratings of the government, the Prime Minister and United Russia, President Putin is thinking about elections in 2018, — said political analyst Igor Bunin. — A straight line is a way to show himself the sovereign, the father of a large family, who should be punished, will solve all the problems and will give life-saving advice.”