The Finance Ministry had planned to fill the budget by the conclusion of the shadow gambling

The Finance Ministry had planned to fill the budget by the conclusion of the shadow gambling

Moscow. April 20. The Finance Ministry has prepared a bill which will allow to make a transparent “gray” business in the segment of gambling, said Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, speaking at the expanded Board of the Ministry of Finance.

“When considering the issue of the administration not to discuss the subject of “gray” business, which is still present in the segment of gambling,” said the Minister, referring to the so-called “one-armed bandits”.

“We need to prepare a bill, we have already prepared it, which allows you to regulate this market, make it transparent and bring the Treasury revenues, which are now hidden” – he said.

As reported, the government has recently introduced in the state Duma by the Ministry of Finance the draft law, clarifying the procedure of taxation of gambling and lotteries. The legislation provides that the citizens themselves shall calculate the amount of personal income tax from their winnings. The organizations issuing the winnings, not the obligation of a tax agent on calculation of personal income tax.

Under the bill, organizations that are paid to participants of gambling and lottery winnings of more than 15 thousand rubles, will be recognized as tax agents. They will withhold the tax amount and remit it to the budget. Taxation will not be subject to income less than four thousand.

The document also establishes a tax regime for betting offices and processing centers of the sweepstakes, which are conducted by the online bets. They are encouraged to recognize independent objects of taxation for the gambling tax. Tax rates will be set in the range from 2.5 million to three million rubles.

In addition, as reported by sources in the financial-economic bloc of the government, departments and the Central Bank drafted a bill that would oblige banks to refuse to carry out the transfers of legal or physical persons conducting lotteries and gambling without the appropriate licenses and permits. Banks will be able to check whether the recipient of funds of illicit activities, by using certain bill of information sources. You will create a list of such recipients, leading illegal activities, it is expected, will maintain the Federal tax service. It is also assumed that the credit institution will be obliged to refuse to carry out cross-border transfers to foreign persons if a code or other identifier operation indicates the organization and conduct of that foreign person gambling or lotteries.