In the ranking of the top 50 technology companies of Russia leader has changed

Internet holding Mail.Ru Group topped the ranking of “50 largest technology companies in Russia”, while a year earlier, the company has closed the three of leaders. This time Mail.Ru Group has outstripped not only its key competitor in the Russian market — Yandex (No. 2 ranked), but last year’s winner — the manufacturer of fighter planes and bombers, “the Company “Dry” (no. 4). In third position is the Kazan helicopter plant.

By the beginning of 2016 Mail.Ru Group has become “a mobile company” and thereby fulfilled the specified three years ago the course, told on 18 April the General Director of group Dmitry Grishin. He noted that the holding company now ranks first in size of daily mobile audience in Russia, and more than half of users log on to the project Mail.Ru Group with mobile devices (specific figures are not called). Now, holding is entering into the second phase of the transition to mobility. “The paradigm is changing, approaches to services, understanding of their work. There are people who did not actually see the computers, but 300 times a day checking your phone,” said Grishin.

Also in 2015 a priority for Mail.Ru Group games — in particular, the Russian and international launches of Skyforge and Armored Warfare, told Grishin on the announcement of the preliminary results of the year. Monthly audience in Russia amounts to 43 million people, how many of them play games Group — the company does not disclose. Revenue from MMO games for 2015 increased by 6.3% and amounted to almost 9 billion rubles.

One of the fastest growing assets Mail.Ru Group is “Vkontakte”, in which the share holding was reduced to 100% in 2014. By the end of 2015, the revenues of the social network grew by 44.2% to 6,23 billion rubles, for comparison, the group “gained” in revenue of 10% for 2015, up to 39.3 billion rubles (according to unaudited financial indicators, taking into account HeadHunter). Monthly active users (MAU) Vkontakte has reached 90 million users, with more than 70% of them visit the social network through mobile devices.

Despite its leadership position, Mail.Ru Group is not the largest company among the participants of the rating. Proceeds of “Yandex” in 1.5 times more — about 60 billion rubles by the end of 2015. If you look overall at 50 participants, about 65% of the total revenue will be partly military and military enterprises, not on IT. Therefore, the rankings take into account not only the size of the company, but also business profitability (profitability over the last five years). Internet companies pulled ahead thanks to the high margins in the manufacturing sector it is much lower.

However, the economic crisis and the contraction of the advertising market started to affect the business of the two leaders of the rating. In 2015 and Mail.Ru Group and “Yandex” for the first time since IPO (fall 2010 and spring 2011, respectively) showed a decrease in profits. Net profit of the winner of the rating of technology companies in 2015 decreased by 11.5% to 11.1 billion rubles, the “Yandex” reduction of 43%, to 9.7 billion rubles (adjusted net profit by 11% to 12.2 bn). Main article foreign exchange costs for both companies — rent, salaries and promotion.

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Judging by the rating, the IT sector in the Russian economy technology still occupies a modest place on the branch where the leaders of the rating, accounted for only 10.2% of total revenue 50 participants. The main technological branch of the left aircraft — manufacturers of such equipment “brought” 28.1% of total revenues of companies ranking. In this case IT went around railway engineering (16%), manufacturers of weapons (almost 15%), companies working in the space, and shipbuilders (approximately 11%).

From the point of view of demand on the world market the Russian IT sector also has to strive for. Total signed contracts for the export of Russian arms is $48 billion such data are resulted in the fall of 2015, the head of the state Corporation “rostec” Sergey Chemezov. About 70% of total revenue of participants of the rating have for the defense enterprise.

For the rating “50 biggest technology companies of Russia” ranked the company, taking into account their size and profitability, calculating their average revenue and profitability over the past five years. If we rank the companies by average annual revenue, position leaders of IT industry will be more modest.

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