“Kommersant” has named a new head of Rosimushchestvo

Several high-ranking officials in the government told “Kommersant” that the head of the Federal property management Agency is dismissed April 12, Olga Dergunova is a former top-Manager of “Norilsk Nickel” Dmitry Pristanskov. Until 2014 Pristanskov, Deputy Dergunova.

According to sources of the edition has already been assigned Pristanskov, Deputy Minister of economy (this position was occupied and Dergunova) and the head of Rosimushchestvo, however in a press-service of the White house “Kommersant” was told that the order about this appointment was submitted to the government, but not yet signed.

The Pristanskov told the publication that he had no information about it and he continues to work in “Norilsk Nickel” Director of Federal and regional programs.

In the Federal property management Agency Pristanskov worked from 2005 to 2014. In March 2014 he became the top Manager of Norilsk Nickel, and continued to participate in the management of Federal assets — he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roskino, a member of the boards of Directors of Lenfilm, Gorky film Studio, Sverdlovsk film Studio and far Eastern energy management company, says “Kommersant”. In addition Pristanskov included in the state Commission on development of the Arctic.

According to sources of Kommersant, the main advantage Pristanskaya is the presence of a professional team, formed while working in the Department. A big plus is that he is a “man of the system and that universal,” say the sources. First of all, the new head of the Federal property Agency will have to arrange a new round of “big privatization”.According to the head of the Ministry of economy Alexei speaker, the revenues from privatization of large state assets in 2016, which will now have including Britanskomu, are expected to be 800 billion rubles, the paper concludes.

The resignation of the head of Rosimushchestvo Olga Dergunova announced April 12. As earlier wrote “Kommersant”, the reason for the resignation Dergunova became the conflict around the privatization of enterprises in the regions in 2015, which led to the cancellation of privatization deals. The newspaper wrote that the Kremlin is perceived as a braking process by the Federal property management Agency.

In February 2015, Prime Minister Medvedev declared reprimand to Dergunova for “inappropriate” work. A source in the government stated then that the reason for the reprimand was that the head of Rosimushchestvo “slow execute the orders and instructions of the government” and “does not want to take responsibility”. The source is then assumed that after the reprimand may be followed by the resignation Dergunova.

Among the candidates for the post of head of Russian property Fund in January of this year, “Kommersant” in Pristanskaya called three candidates — first Deputy Minister of industry and trade Gleb Nikitin, head of Department of property relations of the defense Ministry Dmitry Kurakin, and the Deputy head of the Management Department of the President Pavel Fradkov (son of ex-Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov).

Later a source in the financial-economic bloc of the government reported that the post Dergunova is Pristanskov. Close to the government source confirmed this information. In April a high-ranking source in the government said that a replacement Dergunova considers three candidates — one former official, two active.