Russian hacker sentenced in the US to 9.5 years in prison for SpyEye

The Creator of the malware SpyEye, 27-year-old Russian hacker Aleksander Panin, known by nicknames Gribodemon and Harderman, was recognized by the court guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud and sentenced in the US to 9.5 years in prison, reports The Guardian.

As the Prosecutor noted, from 2010 to 2012, SpyEye was used to infect more than 50 million computers, resulting in individuals and financial institutions around the world was damaged almost $1 billion.

27-year-old Algerian national Hamza, Bendelac received 15 years in prison. According to the Prosecutor, he was selling SpyEye attackers.

Panin has pleaded guilty and made a deal with prosecutors. His accomplice — 27-year-old Algerian national Hamza, Bendelac, which, according to the Prosecutor, engaged in the sale of SpyEye attackers, got 15 years in prison.

SpyEye is a Trojan type of virus that penetrated the infected computers and stole sensitive information of users including Bank account, credit card information, passwords and PIN codes.

FBI agent mark ray, who testified against Panin, noted that SpyEye was BSOD more functional than its predecessors, and acted like a “Swiss army knife”.