The collapse of shares in Turkish Airlines tied with the “mysterious investor”

Brokerage Yatirim Finansman, which is suspected of having links with the mysterious investor is anonymous, has accelerated the sale of shares in Turkish Airlines, according to Bloomberg.

This year Yatirim Finansman acquired the shares of Turkish Airlines at 144 million pounds ($51 million) that has allowed it to become the largest net buyer of securities companies this year. Before the firm sold shares of Turkish Airlines for 68 million lire ($24 million) is twice more than the seller is caught up on this indicator in second place.

In the end, the price of securities of Turkish Airlines fell to a five-month low. Trading volume reached 145 million shares, which was the highest level since July 2009. The shares of airlines on the Borsa Istanbul 100 Index dropped 6.8%. On Thursday, they also traded in the red zone, falling by 1.14% compared with the closing.

According to Bloomberg, the surge of trading in the securities of airlines has become a new indication that the increase in trading volume on the stock market of Turkey there is a mysterious trader. Presumably it came on the market a year and a half ago. Throughout the day he exhibited rates on amounts up to $450 million, exceeding the average by half.

Investor-anonymous in Turkey called “harif”, which can be translated as “dude”. Yatirim Finansman, which previously accounted for about 2% of transactions, the investor turned into the largest net purchaser in the market. “It’s a bull in a China shop. Had more money than anyone else, and he can move the market in either direction,” said the Fund Manager Ak Portfoy Kerem Baykal.

Because of the “mysterious investor” daily trading volume on the Istanbul exchange index has increased by about 20% compared to the average daily level for the whole of last year. At Yatirim Finansman noted that the investor can stand a whole class of new investors, trading with algorithms.

As previously stated one of the interlocutors Bloomberg, customers of at least one European Bank has stopped to open a short position in Turkish stock, when they came to the conclusion that anonymous trader makes a bet with the help of algorithmic systems using complex formulas.