Volkswagen has agreed with the US on compensation after “diesel scandal”

Volkswagen reached an agreement in principle with the US authorities about the effects of “diesel scandal”, reports Bloomberg. Judge Charles Breyer of San Francisco, which is considering the case, did not disclose the details, how many car owners will receive compensation, according to Associated Press. However, he stressed that, under the terms of the transaction payments will be “significant”.

According to Breuer, the agreement provides for remedy of excessive pollution from cars the German automaker. In addition, Volkswagen will have to invest in the promotion of environmentally-friendly vehicles.

About that VW, the German authorities and the U.S. Department of justice has managed to conclude a deal by the end of the “diesel scandal”, it was reported yesterday. By its terms, wrote Die Welt, the company pays its clients in USA with $5 thousand, and also will allocate money for the repair of vehicles. Reuters noted that VW laid on a compensation of $7.6 billion, but he will have to significantly increase spending for these purposes. According to Bloomberg, VW agreed to allocate at least $10 billion to resolve civil claims from the U.S. government and from the owners. The Agency, however, stressed that it is not yet known how much of these funds will be paid as compensation and how many customers will go for repairs of cars.

“Diesel scandal” broke out in September last year. The us authorities accused the German company that installed the machines the software allows you to bypass a check on emission of harmful substances. The idea is that at the time of the test the exhaust system working at full capacity, however in real life this does not happen. VW recalled about 500 thousand cars from the U.S. market and partially suspended in this country selling certain models of diesel vehicles.