Daimler opened an investigation into allegations of U.S. fraud data

The German automobile concern Daimler AG has announced that it is conducting an internal investigation into the certification process of engines — it is about the suspicion of exceeding the standards of emissions of exhaust gases. Self test was initiated following a request from the U.S. Department of justice. Daimler notes that the company has been cooperating with the office. Whether accused of a concern in some specific offences, the company does not say.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the interest of us prosecutors to the standards of Daimler in the U.S. market is the result of a lawsuit filed against the German company in mid-February. Then the law firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro representing the interests of the anonymous American owner of a Mercedes-Benz, filed a lawsuit against Daimler, accusing the manufacturer of falsifying data on emission of harmful substances. It was followed by several lawsuits from drivers.

According to the plaintiff’s lawyers, mounted on diesel engines of Mercedes BlueTEC technology automatically disables the monitoring of emissions at air temperatures below +10 Celsius. Under these conditions the level of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of a car can exceed the States standards in 65 times.

In the automaker lawsuit was considered “frivolous”. At the same time, the Federal Agency in late February sent the German company a request with the requirement to provide the necessary clarification, given the “information indicating that the number of foreign markets identified a problem with fraud”.

What specific models of engines or vehicles involved is still unknown. However, Reuters notes: earlier, representatives of Daimler reported by analysts of the Bank BNP Paribas that of the group really experience delays in obtaining environmental certifications for several models of engines for SUV Mercedes-Benz GLS and GLC. The delay was due to the increased attention of the us regulator to the exhaust gases after the scandal with Volkswagen last fall.

In September 2015 the Agency for environmental protection of the United States stated that on some models of diesel engines Volkswagen is a device, which analyses the working conditions of the motor. If the computer comes to the conclusion that the car is being diagnosed, the device includes a low CO2 emissions. On the road this mode is off, exponentially increasing the emission of harmful gases.

Volkswagen just announced plans to recall 11 million vehicles worldwide, later the number was reduced to 480 thousand At the end of April, the German Die Welt reported that Volkswagen intends to pay each of the owners of these vehicles compensation of $5 million that would have exceeded the planned budget expenditures on the handling of the scandal of $7.6 billion

This week it became known that the company agreed with the American authorities about the settlement of the issue. The transaction amount was not disclosed, but according to Bloomberg it is about $10 billion Initially, it was about the fine of $18 billion.

According to Commerzbank analyst Sascha Hommes, in the case of Daimler, the investigation may be of a procedural nature, given the already filed against the concern of a lawsuit. “In any case, the matter is unlikely to reach the scale of the scandal at Volkswagen”, he said to Bloomberg.

The request of the U.S. Department of justice has admitted, according to the Agency, 15 April. Now the message Daimler coincided with the publication of group quarterly reporting. The concern’s revenues for January — March 2016 increased by 2%, but profits fell by 32% to €1.4 billion against the background of these news quotes Daimler on the Frankfurt stock exchange fell from the start of Friday trading 6.7%.