The media called the cause of the crash of a military aircraft in Syria, the refusal of the engine

The cause of the collapse of the Syrian MiG-23 in the vicinity of the airport of Damascus was the refusal of the engine, said the source Agency “Interfax” in the Armed forces of Syria.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, that the engine has failed before the crash, said the pilot of the MiG-23. “The pilot managed to inform that there is an engine failure, and he was catapulted,” said the source, “Interfax”.He also noted that the plane was recently renovated.

Earlier, the source Agency reported that the cause of the crash was technical failure, damage to land was not.

MiG-23 Syrian air force crashed in the area of Damascus on April 22. The plane crashed on the territory controlled by the militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). The pilot managed to eject. Later, ISIS declared that the fighters took the pilot prisoner. Reuters referring to the statement which appeared on the Agency’s website Aamaq ISIS, reported that the pilot named Azzam Uid was hijacked by terrorists after it landed by parachute near the site of the crash. His fate is unknown.

The representative of the airbase Hamim, which is stationed Russian aviagruppa, reported that aircraft of the Russian space forces in the area of the crash of the MiG-23 didn’t fly.