Kiev is thinking about creating Agency for the fight against Pro-Russian artists

The Ministry of culture of Ukriane intends to create the Agency for the prohibition of touring artists with Pro-Russian position. About it in interview said the Minister of culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk.

“There is an idea to create an Agency that will perform the concert, theatre and touring. Its function would be and to develop laws that will make it impossible to tour, visit and professional activities of people who vote,” — said Nyshchuk.

The Minister noted that he is against the lists – black or white. “Clearly the list must be very hard, but I would have it in the color will not be issued. I would have issued a sanction. And its mechanism, we actually have to agree with the SBU and other bodies that carry out. Of course, people who humiliate the dignity of the Ukrainian state, Ukrainian distort history, our heroes, and they definitely don’t belong here,” he said.

He also called for the protection of information space and filling it with the Ukrainian national content. “So does France, which is fighting against English domination, so do other countries,” — said Nyshchuk.