“Roscosmos” has declared about the interest of China for the joint exploration of Mars and the moon

Russian and Chinese experts have begun discussing joint projects in the exploration of other planets, said Sunday the head of state Corporation “Roscosmos” Igor Komarov, who is in China on the occasion of the first in the history of this country of celebrating the Day of cosmonautics.

“We began to discuss joint projects in studies of other planets, so there is an interest in our project Mars together with EKA, and we are discussing with Chinese colleagues, which can be useful for them in our experiments, and that may be useful for us… Also actively working on cooperation in the exploration of Mars and the moon” — quoted Komarov RIA Novosti.

In addition, Moscow and Beijing, he said, are actively discussing the terms of the contract on the protection of missile technology, which will sign the two sides. Komarov considers that this contract may be signed already in summer 2016.

“In the coming months we are preparing an agreement on protection of technologies. Now the document is in high degree of readiness,” explained the head of “Roskosmos”. According to Komarov, the agreement is fundamentally important for the cooperation in the supply of rocket engines.

“China is not currently a member of the missile technology control regime [regime-the missile technology control], and therefore for the development of cooperation and supply of engines and cooperation in the field of launch vehicles, in the production of spacecraft the signing of the agreement is largely principled,” he explained.

Komarov believes that this “will open up opportunities of cooperation at the level of specific projects, which sometimes relate to key space technologies”.