“Euroset” and “Svyaznoy” announced reduction of prices on smartphones by 25%

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, at the end of March “the Euronetwork” has reduced the prices of 200 models of smartphones in 2-50% depending on the brand and cost of the apparatus. According to the representative of the retailer Ulyana Smolskaya, devices fell by 25% on average. Then the prices decrease on average by 24% occurred in “the Messenger”, which fell 200 smartphones. The greatest number of models whose prices have dropped Apple, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, ZTE, said the representative of the retailer Maria Zaikina.

MTS at the same time discount on 5-24% 400 models of smartphones HTC, LG, Microsoft, Lenovo, Apple.

Still the prices of smartphones in Russia just became more expensive. The trend to lower prices experts explain the fact that in orbit of a price war machines are now not only the world’s largest manufacturers, but also local brands – individually, each of them sold a little, but together they occupy a significant share in sales. According to General Director Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov, the average price tag will decline further. As he explained, money from buyers does not increase and the price reduction is the only way for retailers to stimulate demand.

According to a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, most of all cheaper Lumia devices from Microsoft, as well as older models of smartphones. The price of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in retail fell by 5,000 to 6,000 rubles.