FTS offered to pick up frozen taxes of legal entities with personal accounts

The government refused to soften the rule of law, according to which the company whose account is blocked in the Bank tax, and the Bank took away the license, will not be able to open an account at another Bank, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”. In return, the Federal tax service suggested in such cases to pay taxes with a personal account of the CEO or his representative.

Indicates that the banks agreed in principle with this proposal, but they put forward certain conditions. The company will be required to provide documents confirming the authority of the owner of the personal account in the company, information about the revocation of the license to his Bank, the decision on suspension of account transactions of the company and documents confirming the amount of taxes.

However, as noted by head of tax consulting, FBK Tatiana Matveicheva, impediment may be the Tax code, because under the law the taxpayer has to make payments on their own. In FNS acknowledge the problem and indicate that in each case the decision will be individual.

“Payment of taxes through the Director pokupaem, chances are good the companies in court have to prove that the payments actually belong to the organization. Even the certificate of absence of tax debts without inspection of the court will not give, says tax consultant Artem Rodionov.