In the Ministry of industry and trade has decided to destroy unsafe baby clothes

The Ministry of industry and trade is going to hold a massive inspection of school uniforms, which can destroy clothes that do not comply with technical regulations on safety. The representatives of the Ministry said “Kommersant”.

Inspections will be conducted jointly with the “Rascacielos” organization, which the government established “in order to increase the level of citizens ‘confidence in Russian products”. As explained in the “Rascacielo”, they will be held on 30 criteria and will begin in late spring, when plants begin to sew school uniforms. The results of the study, according to the head “Roccasecca” Maxim Protasov, will present in August, when parents and begin to buy children form.

As noted in the Ministry of industry and trade, even domestic manufacturers often sew clothes for children “from low-quality fabrics, most of which comes from a number of Asian countries”. “Such clothing does not conform to the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of products intended for children and adolescents”, and its turnover becomes illegal,” said the Deputy industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov.

As noted by the official, in anticipation of the inspections the Ministry had changed the procedure for destroying seized from illegal turnover of light industry products. “It is assumed that unsafe products will go under the knife under the simplified procedure”, — he explained, adding that the destruction will take place at the expense of violators. This initiative, according to the Ministry of industry and trade, will contribute to “the development of Russian production, the improvement of the competitive environment and reduce the amount of unsafe children’s products” and also encourages producers to use domestic materials.

However, plans for Minpromtara “cautiously” accepted the manufacturers of children’s products. “The only body authorized to test children’s products, is the CPS. Neither the Ministry nor the “Roskoshestvo” or other organizations on behalf of the government, such checks to produce can not”, — said “Kommersant” the President of the Association of children’s goods industry, Antonina Tsitsulina. She added that all children’s products in Russia and so are checked for conformity with the technical regulations, and the stores do not have the right to sell the goods without the relevant certificate.

Cicolina suggested that the actions of the Ministry of industry and trade is an attempt to draw attention to “Roskoshestvo” that “only enters the market and needs to be loud promotions”. “In any case, they are not authorized neither to impose a fine or to destroy the goods is high, to transfer information to the CPS”, she concluded.

The national Union of manufacturers of school uniforms for three years conducts similar inspections, told the newspaper his head Evgeny TOMAK: “During this time we bought in shops and markets around 450 models of clothes and found that about 80% of samples did not meet the technical regulations of the Customs Union”. TOMAK welcomed the initiative of the Ministry of industry and trade, but also said that rather, it is the responsibility of the CPS. However, according to the interlocutor of the newspaper, “can’t do it alone” due to the large number of low-quality clothing on the market. In an ideal case, according to TOMAK, the form should the local sewing factory and to buy directly from the school. Thanks to this “easy to control manufacturer, product quality, and the price for parents will be lower,” he said.

In December last year, the Ministry has prepared amendments about the destruction of clothing imported into Russia with infringement of customs regulations. As said Evtukhov, they will not store confiscated goods in warehouses, where they either returned to their country of origin, or did the so-called customs sales of seized property. Clothes was proposed to be crushed and buried or used as secondary raw materials in other industries, such as in concrete mixes.