Putin called “information attacks” on reaction to the strengthening of Russia

President Vladimir Putin answered the question of “information attacks” on themselves and their surroundings, which on Monday he was asked in Yoshkar-Ola on the forum of the popular front. He said he believes investigative journalism “the reaction of our opponents” to strengthen Russia.

“As regards information confrontation, well I never gets used to it. You may be forgot, I remember everything. During active events, and severe events in the Caucasus I myself had heard and seen enough. Nothing new here for me. And you are right of course that is the reaction of our opponents — so will call them on the strengthening of the country”, said Putin (forum live broadcast channel “Russia 24”).

Member of the onf, Yekaterinburg blogger Sergey Kolyasnikov, asked Putin to “information attacks” that resulted, in his opinion, publications about Putin and his entourage.

“Now the object of information attacks are you and your surroundings. It is known that an information attack on you is an attack on Russia,” said blogger and asked to “connect” to the problem of civil society. In particular, Russian NGOs that work abroad and could tell “the truth” about Russia, creating a “honest” image in the eyes of the international community.

Putin explained to the audience that “an independent, sovereign, and quite efficient, knows his value, with an interest and is able to say the player who needs a little” in the international arena, its attempt “to besiege, to put in place”. “If we played along, we would have been good for everyone,” said the President, adding that “the loss of sovereignty we will never tolerate”.