Putin’s classmate got 20% in one of the largest oil refineries in Russia

That classmate of President Vladimir Putin and a well-known lawyer Nikolai Yegorov received 20% of JSC “Antipinsky oil refinery”, said principal owner of the enterprise Dmitry Mazurov. According to him, Egorov became co-owner of the refinery in 2015 by implementing the option.

Another option on 25% of the Board member of the Russian biathlon Union Vladimir Kalashnikov, says Mazur. They Egorov gave loans when creating refinery, which were converted into options, explained the entrepreneur. Their option on 25% of Antipinsky oil refinery Kalashnikov can implement “may—June”, said the representative of the company. I Mazurov will remain in control of the company.

Egorov and Kalashnikov, which Mazur calls his old partners, included in the Board of Directors of Antipinsky oil refinery since 2008. Nikolai Egorov, known as the classmate of Vladimir Putin and influential lawyer. He is the co — owner of one of the largest Russian lawyer Bureau “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and partners”.

A native of Khanty-Mansiysk, Vladimir Kalashnikov is also not deprived of influential acquaintances. He was friends with the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, told one of the friends of the Moscow mayor and confirmed by two businessmen and two former officials from the Tyumen region (where political career started Sobyanin). According to three interviewees , the Siberians were familiar with the 1990-ies.

Mazur founded of Antipinsky oil refinery with a member of the Prosecutor’s office Gennady Lisovichenko (now the company CEO) in 2004. The capacity of the refinery is 9 million tonnes of petroleum products a year. Revenue for 2015 is forecast at 155 billion rubles In 2016, the depth of oil processing at the plant will reach a record for Russia 97%. A year ago Antipinsky oil refinery acquired in the contest of the Committee oil field in the Orenburg region with total reserves of over 40 million tons of oil.

According to SPARK, until January 2016 99.99% of oil refineries owned by a Cypriot Vikay Industrial Limited. According to the Cyprus registry, the company since 2010 belongs to Dmitry Mazurov. Vikay now owns 80% of Antipinsky oil refinery, 20% of the Mine Project Corporation, registered in the Seychelles. In the local registry to find the company failed. However, the representative of Antipinsky oil refinery has informed that the company is owned by Nikolay Egorov. The representative of Bureau “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and partners” has not responded to the request.

Antipinsky oil refinery is the main asset of the informal New Stream group, which also includes the eponymous Swiss trader and Mari oil refinery. Antipinsky oil refinery is on the 14th place in the ranking of the fastest growing companies of Russia according .

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