Urgent market of the Moscow exchange on 40 minutes became inaccessible via the Internet

On Monday, April 25, bidders lost the opportunity to place orders on the derivatives market of the Moscow exchange via the Internet, it was officially posted to the online trading platform at 10:06 GMT.

The main communication channels available to the bidders, the report said.

As explained by managing Director of communications for Moscow exchange, Andrey Braginsky, the problems with access on the derivatives market of the exchange emerged from a few dozen bidders who connect via the Internet. “The other bidders, including major brokers, no problems emerged,” he said, adding that only the pad is connected to over 60 thousand participants of the auction.

Causes of problems with access to the Internet is still being investigated, said Braginsky.

At 10:40 GMT the work of the service of receiving applications for the derivatives market via Internet has been restored.