Banks helped to identify about 40 international terrorist organizations

Russian banks helped to expose about 40 international terrorist organizations, said the Director of the Federal service for financial monitoring Yury Chikhanchin, speaking at the fourteenth annual international conference on combating money laundering and financing of terrorism.

“About 40 international terrorist organizations exposed with your help on the territory of Russia and about 30 abroad. Conducted financial investigations on this subject in more than 40 countries. Think how may lives we saved, how much misery was canceled due to the information that you have provided to us”, — said Chikhanchin, addressing the representatives of the banks.

“Last year, banks revealed about 1,5 thousand of persons related to terrorism and extremism. They are included in the list of organizations and individuals involved in terrorist activities. More than 3 thousand accounts relating thereto, have been frozen,” said Chikhanchin.

Chikhanchin said that banks make a real contribution to creating a transparent economy. He added that greatly facilitated the work of the practice of painting money. “But without an efficient banking support coloring will not work. We are not for total staining. However, only one year we managed to prevent the departure of more than 100 billion rubles and to return to the budget about 15 billion rubles”, — said Chikhanchin.

Now the Federal financial monitoring service together with banks and the Central Bank is developing a system of search operations that can be used to Finance terrorism, said Chikhanchin. Together with Bank of Russia with representatives of major banks, law enforcement agencies are working to create a universal search algorithm operations may be used for financial support of terrorism. We now try to run upgrade,” he said. He also noted that “by the Bank of Russia policy have seriously raised the obedience to the law of credit and non-credit institutions”.

According to Chikhanchin, last year entered into force a legislation that would allow banks to refuse to carry out suspicious transactions. In 2015 there were more than 200 thousand of failures in operations. “I would like to mention that most of these clients has in principle ceased to exist, has ceased to conduct all sorts of operations,” he said.