Doronin 6 hours convinced the fashion house Missoni to operate in Miami

As it became known The Wall Street Journal, Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin in early 2016 arrived in Milan to conclude a deal with Italian fashion house Missoni. The businessman believed that the company was cooperating with him on one of his development projects in the US, however on arrival in Milan, Doronin realized that I was wrong, the newspaper said.

Members of the Missoni family just told him that I did not take any commitments. The businessman was only a couple of hours to convince the family Missoni to join his project to build a residential complex in Miami for $350 million, writes the WSJ. As a result, after six hours of the feast, toast and intense negotiations, the family Missoni changed their decision and agreed to lend his name to the project the Russian businessman and to develop it for residential complex design of interiors and common areas, the newspaper writes.

“We are now good friends,” admitted Doronin in an interview with WSJ.

American development company Doronin OKO Group launches three projects for the construction of high-rise residential complexes in South Florida — in a crowded market, which has recently started to calm down a little, WJS notes. According Miller Samuel Inc., in the fourth quarter of 2015, the number of transactions in the residential real estate market in Miami beach has decreased by 20% compared to the same period in 2014.

A strong dollar has reduced the purchasing power of the Russian, Latin American and European investors, whose purchases could support prices in Miami. However, Doronin hopes his product will find its customers. “You must make a good product, complex product, only then you will be different”, — he said.

According to the newspaper, OKO will spend about $1 billion for the purchase of land and development of three projects in Miami. “I spend money”, — confessed businessman WSJ.

That Doronin together with the American company CMC Group plans to build luxury housing in Miami, in may 2014, reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the joint communication partners. According to experts, investments into the project could reach $140-170 million