Putin for the first time in four years will visit the Congress of “United Russia”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin invited to the second, summer stage of the Congress of “United Russia” and, most likely, will take part in it, said a source close to the presidential administration, and confirmed the interlocutor in the party.

Secretary of the party’s General Council Sergei Neverov confirmed that the head of state invited to the party event and that the United Russia very much hope that the President will be able to come.

“This cannot be excluded”, — said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

Show of support

This year, the United Russia Congress is carried out in two stages. The first one was held in February with participation of party leader Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Then in the “United Russia” have launched a preliminary vote that will determine the bulk of the party list.

The exact date of the second phase are still unknown, the party only meant that this will happen in the second half of June. The Congress will put forward the list to which in September, the United Russia party will go to elections of the state Duma. Also the party members will have to find its pre-election program.

The last time Putin will be fully involved in the Congress of “United Russia” four years ago, in may 2012. Then he resigned as the Chairman of the party, on his recommendation, the Congress elected a new leader Dmitry Medvedev. Putin, a few weeks before Congress enacted presidential term, his departure was explained by the fact that as the head of state must be “non-partisan” and to maintain impartiality.

A year later, in 2013, Putin was not involved in the operation of the main days of the Congress. He just talked the day before with the secretaries of primary branches of “United Russia”. However, on the website of “United Russia” the day of the meeting with the secretaries was declared part of the Congress, but the President insisted that the meeting takes place just ahead of the official party of the event.

After that, the United Russia several years not held a Congress, and Putin publicly communicated either with the leader of the Duma faction United Russia Vladimir Vasiliev, or Neverwin, and did so in the framework of meetings with leaders of parliamentary parties.

About the first two years the meeting of party activists with Putin, it became known in October 2015, when the President, according to sources , invited some of United Russia and the political strategists and thanked them for the successful conduct of the regional elections. But that event was closed to the public.

With the approaching Duma elections, Putin began to publicly support the party. In mid-April during the “Straight line” he called the party “a stabilizing element of the political system”, and soon after that together with Dmitry Medvedev came to the party headquarters to communicate with the participants in the primaries.

As you get closer to the election the President will demonstrate party support, and this is logical, since he created it and remains its moral leader, says a source close to the Kremlin. Under the law the head of state may, in one form or another to support the United Russia and after the Congress, he said.

The interlocutor has reminded that, according to this year’s amendments to the law, parties lose the right to use in canvassing the image of a person not participating in the elections. Accordingly, the image of the President will not be used in advertising, the source said.

The campaign against the backdrop of recession

The preparations for the elections and the primaries of “United Russia” on Tuesday at the meeting in the Agency “REGNUM” with political analysts discussed the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin. He reminded that the elections to the state Duma for the first time in a long time will be on the downturn of the economy, and it can not affect the rating of United Russia. Elections 1999 and 2011, took place against the backdrop of recovery from the crisis, and the elections 2003 and 2007 — against the backdrop of growth, said the Kremlin official. In addition, the elections for the first time since 2003, will be held under the mixed system, will be to elect independent candidates. Simultaneously with the Duma elections in 38 regions will be elected to the legislative Assembly. “It will be difficult built the election campaign. It is impossible to compare with previous”, — said Volodin.

Volodin, dwelled on the theme of competition in the primaries. In 40% of districts the results of the candidates can be calculated, he said. It concerns including “party heavyweights”, for example Vladimir Vasilyev, who will be elected in the Tver region, or Sergei Neverov, who is elected in the Smolensk region. “In 60% of constituencies is the result of the primaries is not predetermined,” said the Kremlin official.

According to the Levada center, in April the rating of “United Russia” amounted to about 47%. In January it was about 50%, and in December of last year — exceeding 52%.

“The active participation of Putin in the campaign “United Russia” will help her greatly. It was created as the party of Putin, so in the eyes of voters and left. The distancing of the President from party certainly makes it simple turns into a bunch of bureaucrats, where people do not favor,” says political analyst Abbas Gallyamov. He notes that “Partizani” image of the President people do not like it, people prefer to see the first person outside of the parties. “However, now it doesn’t matter, because to have elected to United Russia, not Putin. On the return to the head of state the usual “non-partisan” status is still plenty of time; the presidential elections only two years”, — recalls the expert.