The Central Bank prohibited the Bank “Financial standard” to attract money from individuals in contributions

The Central Bank has banned the attraction of deposits from individuals and opening accounts of individuals commercial Bank “Financial Standard”, according to the website of the regulator.

The Bank Deposit agreement or Bank account agreement entered into prior to the date of ban, not subject to avoidance, is noted in the Central Bank, except in the case of treatment of the owner of the Deposit (account) with the requirement about cancellation of the respective agreement.

Additional money received for the contribution (the account) from the date of introduction of the ban cannot be earned and are refundable. This does not apply to interest accrued on the Deposit contract or account.

LLC “CB “Financial Standard” — small by total assets Moscow Bank focused on service of corporate clients. The main activities — crediting and maintenance of accounts of enterprises of small and average business, and also attraction of funds to deposits. Deposits — a key source of Bank funding.

“Financial standard” 204 takes place by total assets.