The Deputy Chairman of “Gazprom” has earned on shares of the company is 1 million rubles. for two weeks

In mid-April of 2016 in charge of financial Affairs Deputy head of Board of Gazprom Andrey Kruglov has doubled the size of his stake in the company. As follows from the message of Gazprom, 13 April Kruglov has made two transactions, which purchased approximately 98 thousand shares, increasing its stake in the company 0,00032174% to 0,000734606%.

The total market value of the stock that Kruglov acquired on April 13, 2016, the beginning of trading on that day was approximately 14.6 million rubles. But after the same day the Board of “Gazprom” suggested to increase the payment to shareholders of the company dividends to 7.4 rubles per share (2.8% more than last year), the paper has grown considerably in price. To the closing date shares rose by 2.7% (from 149,1 to RUB 153,12 rubles), which increased the price of the package purchased by Kruglov to about 15 million rubles.

At what point the Deputy Chairman of “Gazprom” bought their shares, is unknown, but if you take the average cost of the company’s shares on that day, it will turn out that the purchase of securities cost him approximately 14.8 million rubles.

In the following days the share price “Gazprom” has continued to grow. By the close of trading Friday, 22 April 2016, the cost of securities amounted to 161,2 rubles. Thus, the cost of Treasury Kruglov package grew to 15,755 million rubles, or nearly 1 million rubles.

In the course of trading on Monday, 25 April, the share price of Gazprom is around 160 rubles, which means that the total cost Kruglov-owned package of shares of the company is now approximately 27.9 million rubles.

After this publication the information Department of “Gazprom” has given a comment, which implies that Kruglov has placed a bid to buy the company’s shares on the stock exchange on 13 April at 16:47 CET, i.e. in a few hours after the publication of the notice to the company on the recommendation of the Board by dividends. Thus, Kruglov could spend to buy shares of about 15 million RUB Over the next from the date of purchase week this package has increased in price to 15,755 million. (as of closing on Friday, April 22). “During the period under review (from 13 to 25 April) the main growth of the shares of PJSC “Gazprom” fell on the announcement of the disposal of the government of the Russian Federation on determining the amount of dividend and not on the Board’s decision, which was expected in the market”, — said the representative of “Gazprom”.