“Do not make us Kuschevka”: four versions of the massacre at Syzran

“Do not make us Kuschevka”: four versions of the massacre at Syzran

For the cynicism and cruelty of the murder of six people in a village near Syzran reminiscent of the events in the village of Kushchevskaya, said the representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin. “The second Kuschevka” and called the incident the Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Hinstein. The reporter went to the Samara region to find out how he killed the family of the former head of the police Syzran and whether or not this murder is reminiscent of the events in the Kuban village.

Night attack

The attack in Ivalice, a village 11 kilometers from Syzran, occurred in the night of Sunday, April 24. In a house where seven people were sleeping, a girl and six adults, including the former chief of police Syzran Andrew Host, — silently, without disturbing neither the tenants nor the neighbors, entered a few people. They entered the room and beaten the people who were there with hammers and iron bars. Blows, as stated in the materials of the case, which was able to see , inflicted mostly in the head area. To resist no one was in the house did not have time: they couldn’t even get out of bed.

After that, the attackers smashed the surveillance cameras, took the record and by placing a hoax explosive device, undetected left the scene. The next day, investigators gathered local residents and asked to tell if they had seen any outsider, no one could remember, telling the villagers of Hosta. Exactly how many killers had been in the house, is unknown. In the case file indicated that there were at least three people.

About eight o’clock in the morning returned home Hosta brother Eugene, who worked the night shift as a driver at Syzran refinery (part of the Samara group of refineries acquired by Rosneft in may 2007). Eugene called the police and an ambulance, which took him to the hospital his daughter was in serious condition. Later, forensics identified the bodies: in addition to Hosta among those killed were his wife, parents, brother’s wife and niece.

Who investigates

By Sunday evening Ivashenko have flooded law enforcement agencies: local police and employees of regional Department of the Investigative Committee. Soon to the aid of investigators from the Main investigation Department of the TFR, where by order of the Chairman of Department Alexander bastrykina has been transferred to the case.

Bastrykin himself came to Ivasenko on Tuesday, April 26, together with the General-the major of justice Sigmund Logicom, who now runs the management of criminalistics SKR. Logic, known for the investigation of cases of undermining the “Nevsky Express” in 2007 and the terrorist attack in Domodedovo in 2011. He also worked on the case of the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gayzer.

Bastrykin was accompanied by his Deputy Ilya Lazuta: in November 2010, the two of them met with residents of the village Kushchevskaya Krasnodar region, where there was a mass murder in which he later accused members of the gang Sergei Hoe (see).

The investigation team, as they say in the message of the RCDS submitted to the editorial Board , included more than 25 people at work also involved polygraph and psychologists. The group collected from several regions: the Samara, in addition to the investigators included in it, in particular, the head based in Nizhny Novgorod, the head of the third investigation Department of GSU SKR Denis Kolesnikov.

Wednesday afternoon, April 27, law enforcement officers continued to search the field and country house in search of traces of the criminals.

House in the village of Ivashevo Syzransky district of Samara region, where the murder occurred Andrei Hosta and members of his family

Photo: Nicholas Khizhnyak/RIA Novosti

The version of the robbery

While a criminal case was initiated under article “murder of two and more persons” and “attempted murder” (part 2 of article 105, part 3 of article 30 part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code). With the final motive in the TFR is not yet decided, so the materials does not specify a particular paragraph of the article, which will advance the charges (for example, murder from mercenary promptings or on motives of hatred towards a social group).

However, the basic version of the killing, investigators already have planned, said the official representative of Department Vladimir Markin. The details he refused to lead, but about one of these versions, said the Deputy head of the Samara Department of internal Affairs Andrey Konovalov. According to him, we are talking about armed assault, which aimed to seize the property of the deceased.

This version still raises more questions, says a source in law enforcement bodies: the disappearance of things from the house of Gosta nothing was reported; in addition, it is unclear why it was necessary to hammer in cold blood people in their beds, if you could just take all valuable from the house while everyone is sleeping. No doubt that “were just to kill, not to plunder, and Khinshtein.

The source in law enforcement called the incident a revenge from criminals. About revenge and says Khinshtein, however, according to him, it is unclear whether it was personal or related to work. “Andrew Gast was a complex identity, in conflict with various people and interest groups, however, as far as I know, the threats he had received,” – said the Deputy in conversation with “the New newspaper”.

The underground oil fields and refineries

Graduated from the Omsk higher school of militia, Gast began his career as a district, and from July 2013 to September 2015 was the head of the police Department, “Syzran”. Then he built a brick house in Ivalice, which stands out against the background of dilapidated buildings neighbors.

Six months ago was transferred to the post of Deputy chief of staff of the municipal Department of internal Affairs across the Samara region. Gosta asked to leave the operational work, including, and due to the large number of complaints about its activities, says Khinshtein. The official representative of the Samara municipal Department of internal Affairs Sergey Goldstein said that during the work of Gosta in Syzran claims by the leadership to him was not.

The Governor of the region Nikolay Merkushin two years of Hosta in Syzran described as a period of active struggle against crime. “He ran into fierce resistance. To a certain extent, he was transferred due to the fact that there he had organized resistance by those whose interests it affected,” — said Merkushin.

Khinshtein Syzran characterizes as “sophisticated criminal plan district”. According to the MP, there is a lot of illegal oil fields, taps into the underground pipelines and refineries.

Host called the fight against illegal knockouts priority of its work, along with the combating of drug-trafficking and telephone fraud. “Doing it the organized criminal groups to fight that — it’s not one day,” he said in the fall of 2013.

As follows from the data of the project “Atlas of the justice Institute of problems of law enforcement, in the court of Syzran convictions under article “the theft made from the oil pipeline” (part 3 of article 158 of the criminal code) occupy eighth place in the number of convicts.

Tie-in recently found, for example, in the pipeline “Buguruslan-Syzran” and “Kuybyshev-Bryansk”, and the alleged perpetrators were caught with the participation of soldiers of the FSB.

It is illegal knockouts was involved in several organized crime groups operating in Syzran. As follows from the data base of SAS “Justice”, the relevant article had been convicted Viktor Maslov, Alexei bannow and Mikhail Sosnin, as well as Elchin Babayev, Sergey Nikonorov and Alexander Delnov. As they say the sentences they learned , they became two of the gang.

A source close to the regional police Department, claims that Gast has led the fight with the underground oil fields, and recalls that when the former head of Syzran police Department were eliminated several small refineries. The source suggests that although the volume of business was small, but it was revenge by the soldiers who controlled the business of the people can be attributed to the murder in Ivalice.

At the farewell ceremony with Andrew Gostom on Lenin square in Syzran

Photo: Andrew Swallow/TASS

Illegal trade

Host actively fought and the illicit trade and organized raids on the outlets. A source close to law enforcement, says that these checks has led, for example, to conflict with the owners of the pavilions on one of the sections of the Federal highway M5. According to the source , these owners could be linked to young people who in the summer of 2015 attacked the operatives. After a while the police Syzran conducted a large-scale operation, which involved soldiers of the units of the OMON and the SOBR, the office for combating economic crimes and corruption and the office for combating extremism.

All the raids were carried out at the direction of Sergei Solodovnikov, who was appointed to the post of head of the Samara police Department in February of 2015 explains the assistant Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs Nina Menshikova. According to her Solodovnikov gave the command to deal with the illicit trade, and Host “saluted”. The raids were largely ostentatious and were conducted mostly in late March — early April, says Menshikova. All video inspections are posted online (for the filming of the scenes the police are invited in the region known bloggers), really dated last spring.

The result of this fight, says Esikova, minor: a few small points stopped working, but the majority remained in the same place. “I have orders to restore order — and he cleaned up. What could be the claim to GOSTu if he was just a performer? Children is certainly not over kill — sure Menshikova. — Do not make us Kushchivka: no splicing of bandits and the authorities.”

It agrees with the Chairman of the Samara branch of the Union of entrepreneurs Vladimir Sibirkin. In conversation he stresses that small retailers are not capable of this murder. “Local businesses were wiped away and gone, and here absolutely other level” — said Sibirkin.


Syzran it is difficult to call the crime by region, Khinshtein argue with his colleagues in the “United Russia”, deputies of the Samara provincial Duma Dmitry Severgin and Mr Duzev. “If this had happened in some town in Orenburg region, the second Kuschevka would call it,” says Duzev. Is just sadists. If he [Ghost] someone fell out, then deal with him. What does the elderly?!”

In the official statistics of the interior Ministry, which is published each month, there is no separate data for Syzran, Samara and the whole region on the General background not stand out in terms of crime. In 2015, the region recorded 49364 crimes (2.7% less compared to 2014). The official representative of the Samara municipal Department of internal Affairs Sergey Goldstein in conversation with noted that the crime situation in Syzran does not exceed the permissible values.

Source among entrepreneurs Syzran said that, indeed criminalized, only one sphere is the sale of alcohol. It was previously recognized and Merkushin, the Governor, and the General Solodovnikov said that the underground factories operate under the guise of police and local officials.

The source claims that in 2015, increased the turnover of illegal alcohol. “If there is a vodka from Kazakhstan, she somehow passes all the police posts and then realized,” — said the source . Clandestine workshops producing counterfeit goods liquidated, but mostly it was after the transfer of Hosta in the Samara police headquarters.

The source in police, knowing Hosta for work in Syzran, also inclines to the version that the former head of the city police would conflict with any of the people connected with illegal turnover of alcohol, but the details of this conflict is unknown to him.

The main thing that is surprising, says a source close to Samara police — this time, when he was killed GOST. Old a post he left more than six months ago, if it was revenge for the work in Syzran, it is unclear why the criminals were waiting for so long. With this opinion agrees the source among entrepreneurs Syzran. He also reminds that not so long ago killed the successor to Hosta at the head of the police Syzran Sergei Gudilin. In February he crashed in crash, on this fact conducted preliminary examination, but the case was not instituted.

What happened in Kuschevka

Mass murder in the village Kushchevskaya Krasnodar region occurred in November 2010. Then, at the hands of the members of the gang Sergei Hoe killed 12 people — the family of the farmer Server ametova and its visitors. As established investigators, the gang Hoe wielded in Kushchevskaya from 1998 to 2010. In total, its members have killed 19 people. In 2013, the members of the gang were sentenced to various terms — from 19 years in prison to life imprisonment. Himself Tsapok in the summer of 2014 has died in prison. The cause of death, according to official data, has become a blockage by a blood clot of the pulmonary artery. Three more gang members killed himself.