The General Prosecutor’s office sent to Panama a request for offshore

Prosecutor General Yury Chaika said that the Prosecutor’s office checks the “Panama archives”. “This check we conduct. Sent a request to our colleagues in Panama. The check is in the initial stage. The results will be reported to the leadership of the country and published,” — said Chaika, speaking Wednesday in the Federation Council with the annual report on the state of law and order. The correspondent reports about it .

According to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, the test result is “Panama records” will not only be presented to the leadership of the country, but also published.

The attorney General in this case stated that he believes the scandal with the offshore action planned in one of the Western States. “We have no doubt that we are dealing with the action, carefully planned and coordinated at the level of one of the Western States. About this said the President of Russia. And literally the last thing that happened — was published and so on through the list Magnitsky found people who owned offshore capital, I am absolutely convinced that we are dealing with is really carried out a special operation. No doubt this part I do not have”, — said Chaika.

The attorney General described how organized “a special operation”. He said the leaked documents would “absolutely not have been possible without the participation of the special services”. “While most of the work on the systematization and study of documents of course needs to comply with professional lawyers and financiers. Their task was to translate the results into everyday language, to create excitement, to spin the story. We are in an information war, there are no secrets in it,” said the Seagull.

On 3 April, the international consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ) and the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) published an investigation into the international network of offshore companies, which was based on the Panamanian legal documents of the company Mossack Fonseca. In the investigation was quoted by foreign and Russian politicians, including the cellist Sergey Roldugin, who is considered a close friend of the President.

5 April, the press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy said that the Agency will verify the publication about the offshore of the Russian physical and legal entities. He said that the main purpose of the review will be to establish the compliance of actions of citizens referred to in the investigation, the norms of the Russian legislation, principles of international law and Russia’s obligations under the prevention of corruption and money laundering, illegally obtained.

OCCRP published on the eve of new material, detailing a contract from may 2008, which shows that International Media Overseas SA (IMO) is a Panamanian company, the sole owner of which at that time was cellist Roldugin — sold to the Corporation from the British virgin Islands Networks SA Delco (Delco) 70 thousand shares of “Rosneft” for the sum of just over $800 thousand According to investigative journalists, the shares were paid for with money transferred from a Bank account in Delco Lithuanian Bank UKIO Bankas to the account of the company Roldugin at the Zurich branch of Russian Commercial Bank (RCB).

Putin, speaking about the investigation during a “Straight line” on April 14, stated that the journalists published the genuine documents, but the authors “suggest shadow on the fence”, and “everywhere are the ears of customers, they stick out and don’t even blush”. Responding to a question on this subject, said that all the money that Roldugin earned in the business, cellist spent on the purchase of musical instruments. Roldugin himself in an interview to “Vesti Nedeli” said April 10 that a long time he “begged for money”, after which the friends offered him a small share in the business.