The WSJ learned about the plans of purchase issued the “Shrek” and “Madagascar” Studio

One of the world’s largest cable companies, Comcast in talks to buy DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., according to The Wall Street Journal, citing familiar with the situation sources.

According to them, the transaction amount could exceed $3 billion, the Publication notes that this price implies a healthy premium” to market value of the Studio, which is $2.3 billion.

Comcast owns Universal studios Picture, which in turn also has its own successful animation business, notes the WSJ. We are talking about Illumination Entertainment, which released the animated film “Despicable me”.

DreamWorks in the case of its purchase by Comcast is likely to integrate with Universal Pictures, the newspaper writes.

DreamWorks has produced such cartoons as “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, “antz”, “puss in boots”, “Kung fu Panda”.