United Russia was accused of forcing state employees to participate in the primaries

The leaders of local branches “an United Russia” has received from his superiors the order to ensure on the day of the party primaries (may 22) attendance of not less than 10% of the total number of Russian voters, said two people involved in the organization of early voting in the field.

Orders to municipalities

How is this ensured in the suburbs, it became clear from the letter that the ex-Deputy of the state Duma, the former head of city settlement Tuchkovo, Eser Victor Alksnis passed to the Central election Commission (letter is available). Alksnis said that he had received a letter from “countryman” and believes that it is a flagrant violation of the law.

In it the head of the Executive branch of “United Russia” Ruzsky area Vyacheslav Dyachkov reported to the heads of villages, members of local political Council of the party, which on 25 April will be a forum branch called “register”, dedicated to the mobilization campaign ahead of the primaries.

“Please ensure the attendance of Your settlement: secretaries of primary branches, deputies, members of fraction ER, voting members of the accounts Commission (for early voting), the heads of public organizations: the leaders of the educational sphere (schools, kindergartens), heads of institutions of culture and sports, heads of healthcare institutions, management of campaigns, senior MKD [apartment buildings] (optional), headmen of the villages (optional), heads of public organizations, heads of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership (selectively). The symbolism of the party and Your settlement is welcome,” reads the letter signed by Dyachkova.

He confirmed its authenticity. He explained that all the heads of urban and rural settlements (around seven) and people, the attendance of which he asked to provide, are members of “United Russia”. “In our area, it so happened that a very large number of members of the “United Russia” working with leaders of state bodies, municipal institutions, well, what can be done,” he said . According to him, about 40% of public sector employees are members of the party.

CEC member of “Fair Russia” Nikolay Levichev, who got acquainted with this circular draws attention to the fact that the letter does not specify what we are talking about the members of the party. He also recalled that earlier in April the head of the CEC of Ella Pamfilova, “complained the officials of the administration of Ramensky district, which is dispatched by the local municipalities guidelines for the organization of internal events (“United Russia”)”. On these facts, you can make the assumption that there is a mobilization of administrative resources contrary to law and the party leadership of the party, said Levichev.

If the heads of settlements was in compliance with the instructions of the party, then it is a violation of the law on municipal service, which prohibits the use of his official position in interests of political parties, as well as to publicly Express attitude to it as a municipal employee, said the co-Chairman of movement “the Voice” Grigory Melkonyants.

Common practice

A source close to the leadership of another large region, claims that directly on their territory the corresponding instruction was given to the regional Executive Committee of “United Russia” in coordination with Federal authorities. Local offices, according to him, it was recommended to prepare the buses in order to organized to take people to the polls. According to him, this is because on the day of the primaries will be open only 20% of the total number of plots (earlier this figure was called in the “United Russia”), respectively, living in the vicinity of the remaining sections of voters will take too long to get to voting places. To prepare the buses will be easy, says the source , since the local cells of the party are often run by heads of areas. “At the disposal of district and municipal heads enough buses to take everyone need,” — said the source .

Numerous facts of such cases of Communist party officials of the “United Russia” to municipal authorities, school principals, community members agree to the fact that primaries are the only tool for the mobilization of the party electorate, the head of the Moscow branch “Fair Russia”, Deputy speaker of the state Duma, Alexander Romanovich. “United Russia” wants to see the slender ranks of state employees, which list will lead to the polling stations”, — said the Deputy.

The head of the party’s Executive Committee Maksim Rudnev said that no settings from the party leadership to ensure the turnout of the population in the primary there. “We are not interested in this. Even when we hold workshops on all the Executive committees, to draw attention on the fact that this should not be. But there are frames in which such actions only to substitute for the party,” he said.

Recommended turnout

United Russia started primaries on the first stage of its pre-election Congress in early February. According to the preliminary results of voting should be determined by the people that will be included in the election list of the ruling party. Now candidates perform at the debates and communicate with voters, and the preliminary vote in all regions will be held on the same day — 22 may.

The leadership of “United Russia” earlier it was told that they expect that in the primaries will be attended by many Russians. In September last year the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov said that he expects the turnout at 10-15% of the total electorate. That is why United Russia has decided to lease about 20% of polling stations. But then it was about the fact that these people want to come in the primaries.

According to official sociology, it’s real. VTSIOM Director General Valery Fyodorov on Tuesday told the REGNUM Agency that about a quarter of Russians are ready to participate in the primaries. However, 89% of respondents failed to answer the question of what it is.

A source close to the Kremlin, confirms that a few weeks ago at the meetings of the party leadership, it was discussed that the turnout should be at least 10%, and regions received a clear task to work on this. According to him, many members then said that they do not understand how to provide such a turnout in regions where traditionally few people come to the polls, and citizens in General are not interested in primaries. “In the end, as at the present moment the indication mitigated. Rather, it is about the desire this appearance where it can be provided. Somewhere it will be lower, sometimes higher. Eventually get approximately the desired number,” — said the source.

Power is important at any price to show that primaries in this massive event, otherwise it is devalued in the eyes of voters and turns into a failed promotional event, but not a good start of the elections, said political analyst Grigory Votes.

But we can assume that turnout occurs by inertia: the Kremlin doesn’t even have to say anything, the lower levels are starting to work on the result as they are accustomed to understand, doing everything for maximum impact, adds Andrey Kolesnikov of Moscow Carnegie center.

Officially the “United Russia” will nominate the election list in the second stage of the Congress in the second half of June. The United Russia promised that in the main it will include the winners of the primaries, but Congress will be able to add to them the political heavyweights. Among them will be 15-17 of governors, told the informed sources in the party, as well as authoritative, from the point of view of United Russia, the people, in particular, the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya, the Director Stanislav Govorukhin, General Vladimir Shamanov.