Bankers reported attempts to redeem the millions of euros stolen from Donbas

Dollars, euros and Ukrainian hryvnia was stolen from ATMs and vaults of the Donbass, trying to exchange in Russian banks. About Forbes told a few bankers and a law enforcement source. According to interlocutors of the edition, mediators, using contacts with top managers of large Moscow banks, trying to exchange currency at a discount. So, one banker told the magazine that some people asked him to change a few million euros, marked with blue paint.

The employee of power Department has told Forbes that the attempts of such exchanges know and law enforcement agencies. According to him, we are talking about bills that were stolen from Bank branches located on the territory of the unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

Another source told Forbes that he requested a discount to exchange 50 million hryvnia in flawed bills. “Notes from Ukraine took his place on the black market along the Bank with stolen money from the collectors or exposed ATMs of Russian banks. Sometimes these bills are trying to burn into the painted areas and provide for those affected by the fire”, — told in law enforcement bodies.

The presence on the banknotes of the special paint indicates that the money was obtained illegally. So, some ATMs are equipped with special protection against burglary: attempted theft inside of the cassette with the money triggered the sensor, and they are painted with indelible ink.

By itself, the exchange of damaged banknotes is a legal operation. Banknotes in poor condition can be exchanged in the savings Bank upon presentation of a passport and documents explaining their origin. Thus in a press-service of the Bank said that during the year it has not received a single complaint about the exchange-dyed spectroscopy banknotes of hryvnia and Euro in large volumes.

The representative of VTB told Forbes that the Bank will not accept for exchange Euro and hryvnia in the paint. “The VTB group operates a rigorous system of cash, which allows to promptly detect any attempt of illegal activities,” — said the source magazine.

Director of cash collection Department credit Bank of Moscow Mikhail Belousov said that Russia is to hand over dyed banknotes to the Central Bank can only credit institutions, presenting a unique sample of paint, which is, for example, used in cases to protect money in transit. Its structure is developed individually for each credit institution.

The national Bank of Ukraine in late 2014, has developed a special instruction for Bank operations in extreme conditions. So, credit institutions instructing them to destroy or damage cash special paint or chemical solution in situations where to take them from the territory impossible.

Ukrainian media has repeatedly reported that the intentionally damaged banknotes came into circulation. As reported by TSN in September last year, such bills were paid in the territory of DNR and LNR, and then in other Ukrainian regions. “Segodnya” wrote that in the territories occupied by militias, similar bills were paid wages.