Billionaire Karapetyan got a list of the largest recipients gospodryadov

Holding “Tashir” group of companies includes more than 200 companies from different business sectors — development, Finance, industry, construction, energy, retail, restaurant business and entertainment industry. Their list is not published, a single management company, i.e. to assess the financial position and sources of income “Tashir” it is not easy.

According to the representative Karapetyan, construction companies group share membership in a self-regulatory organization (SRO) “a Union of construction companies “Tashir”. analyzed 181 company entering in SRO “Tashir”, with the help of SPARK and data of the portal of public procurement. It turned out that at least 18 firms from the list of affiliated to “Tashir” and thus are major recipients of government contracts. For the most part of companies “Tashir” is run by the same people working, judging by the address of registration in adjacent offices and buildings.

To get the total amount of state contracts, were assembled the results of all the competitions where these 18 companies have the status of “Winner” and “Contracted”. The actual amount may vary slightly as to the status of “Winner” on the public procurement portal only specified the initial contract price, excluding reduction, which could offer the company.

It turned out that related to “Tashir” structure could receive government orders in the amount of about 42.5 billion rubles in 2014, 52.9 billion rubles in 2015 and 20.8 bln RUB in the first quarter of 2016: in the aggregate, approximately 116,2 billion rubles.

With such a portfolio Karapetyan could well be on the ninth line of the rating Forbes — “the Kings of public procurement in 2016”. Now this place is a manufacturer of pipes for “Gazprom” — the owner of Pipe innovation technologies” Ivan Shabalov, the sum of its gospodryadov is estimated at 38.1 billion rubles Ahead of Karapetian and Shabalova founder of Crocus Group Aras Agalarov to 69.3 billion RUB.

Karapetyan talks about working on the state reluctantly acknowledges: “Tashir” with the onset of the crisis, started to increase the proportion of public procurement. What makes the panel for the state, the businessman says, confirming one part of a group holding “Cascade” is engaged in the improvement of Moscow streets.

On the website of “Tashir” it is said that revenue “on the main directions of activities of the group in 2015 amounted to 140 billion rubles. According to the estimates of Forbes, in the same year “Tashir” has collected from tenants of $610 million (41.7 billion rubles). It turns out that public procurement can account for around 40% of total group revenues, and this source of income may even exceed income from tenants.

At the end of 2015 under the management of “Tashir” was 51 commercial real estate area of more than 2.5 million sq. m. Volume of construction was about 1.5 million sq. m. the Main brand — “Rio” underneath Karapetyan developing a network of shopping centers (21st complex in 17 cities). His fortune Forbes estimates at $3.1 billion (28 th place in the list of richest Russians).

Familiar Karapetyan from Kaluga, where he began business, characterize the “Tashir” as an organization “closed loop”: “Tashir” he produces the materials, builds the estate, takes them to the power supply and then rents square footage of its cinemas and cafés. “If you come to them with an idea that will bring a lot of estimates and calculations, tomorrow they will do it themselves. You can get there only by becoming part of the Corporation,” says the owner of one of the region’s construction companies.

“What is good? — explains the Chairman of the Union of Armenians of Russia and longtime partner Karapetyan, Ara Abrahamyan. — Samvel self-sufficient, his energy, and construction and everything. It uses the batch approach and does not depend on anyone, anything can do”.

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