Media reported that Russia is ready to share information about the offshore

The project of automatic exchange of data on taxpayers was launched in parallel with the G20 BEPS project by the G20/OECD to combat tax base erosion. Still it was unclear when Russia will join the Treaty, but after the publication of “the Panama document” and change the position of offshore jurisdictions to disclose information about the owners of offshore companies sense to restrict the participation of Russia does not remain, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to sources in the government, the consideration of this question will pass in the closed mode. The interlocutors of the newspaper in the Federal tax service denied the link between the decision to accede to the Treaty and the publication “the Panama document”.

As told Deputy Minister of Finance Ilya Trunin, we are not talking about the acceleration of the signing of the necessary agreements, but rather the elimination of the backlog.

The publication indicates that the agreement is expected to be signed before the end of may 2016. It will put in the uncomfortable position of owners of foreign accounts, without specifying a part in the “offshore Amnesty”, which was extended by decision of the government before 1 July. They have two months to file spectacularly or close foreign accounts in jurisdictions that exchange reports under the CRS.