Profit “Gazprom” has increased five-fold in 2015

Net profit of “Gazprom” related to the company’s shareholders, at the end of 2015 amounted to 787,056 billion rubles, which is almost five times more profit, received in 2014 (159,004 billion rubles), follows from the message of the company.

According to the report of “Gazprom”, have been prepared in accordance with international financial reporting standards (IFRS), the total revenue from gas sales increased by 15%, or 441,872 billion RUB, up to 3,427 trillion Most of the revenue (2,165 trillion), the company has secured the sale of gas to the EU and other countries outside the former USSR. In annual terms, revenue from supply of gas to non-CIS countries increased by 24%, or 413,353 billion rubles.

Sales in the former Soviet Union has brought “Gazprom” only 429,66 billion (plus 4% to the result of the previous year), while sales in Russia — 805,615 bn (minus 2%).

The reduction of revenue from operations in Russia in “Gazprom” explain reduction of volumes of gas sold (minus 5%, or 12.8 billion cubic meters) and revenue growth in Europe — the increase in supplies (plus 16%, or 25 billion cubic meters) and the increase of ruble prices due to the depreciation of the ruble.

Total revenue of “Gazprom” (taking into account revenues from sales of petroleum, petroleum products and electric and heat energy) made up in 2015 approximately 6,07 trillion roubles (plus of 8.65%).

Operating expenses of “Gazprom” in 2015 increased compared with the previous year by 691,833 billion rubles and amounted to 4,635 trillion, a Significant increase in costs in “Gazprom” associated with the growth of the cost of purchasing third-party gas, as well as fluctuations of the ruble.