SpaceX’s Elon musk announced a manned mission to Mars

Us company SpaceX plans to send an unmanned Dragon spacecraft on Mars no later than 2018, said on the company’s website. SpaceX said that detailed information about the program on the flight to Mars will present at the International Astronautical Congress in September of this year.

Press Secretary SpaceX Emily Shanklin wrote in an email to Reuters that the company first announced the date of the scheduled unmanned flight to Mars.

Explaining the company’s statement, SpaceX founder Elon Musk wrote in his Twitter that the spacecraft Dragon 2 is designed in such a way “that can land in any point of the Solar system”.

However, he noted that to fly humans beyond the moon, this apparatus is not suitable, stressing that the mission to Mars program, dubbed the Red Dragon (the Red dragon), to make the “first test flight”.

Red Dragon is designed to develop technologies needed for transportation to the Mars people, Reuters reports.

Previously, Musk said that SpaceX will perform manned flight to Mars in 2020-2025.

Now the cargo ship Dragon operates flights to the ISS. In addition, commissioned by NASA, SpaceX is developing a manned spacecraft on the basis of the cargo capsule Dragon, first test flight is scheduled for 2017.