The media learned about the possible Gryzlov’s election to the Board of Directors of “Ugra”

Former Chairman of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov may enter the Board of Directors of the Bank “Ugra”. About this “Vedomosti” said two people close to the surveillance unit of the Central Bank, as well as one of the Bank’s counterparties.

One of the sources pointed out that the politician can lead the Board of Directors of the credit institution, however, the decision about the invitation of Gryzlov has not yet been made, said a second source.

“We would be very flattered and very happy if such a politician of the highest level, as Boris Gryzlov, came to us, to the Board of Directors of the Bank, but we have no such information”, — said the representative of the Bank. The basic owner “Severstal” Alexey Hawtin declined to comment on this information, the representative Gryzlov also unable to provide comment at the time of publication of the material.

As noted in an interview with the newspaper GR-the Manager of one of the major banks, Gryzlov’s election to the Board of Directors will simplify communication “Yugra” with the Bank of Russia and government authorities.

Informed sources told Forbes about the connections Gryzlov with Kutinym. “For Haminim worth Gryzlov”, — said the interlocutor of the journal, working with them in the same market. According to friends of Hotin, the former speaker of the lower house of Parliament he had called bankers and persuaded them to issue loans to companies Hotiny.

At the end of 2015, he was appointed Plenipotentiary representative of Russia in the Contact group on settling the situation in Donbas. In mid-April Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree Gryzlov was expelled from the country Security Council. As later explained in the Kremlin, it was because the former speaker is now focused on Ukrainian Affairs”.

The Bank “Ugra” occupies 29-e a place on size of assets as of January 1 amounted to 368,6 billion rubles. According to the source “Vedomosti”, close to the surveillance unit of the Central Bank, from 1 April, the Central Bank has restricted the “Yugra” attracting deposits from the public. In Bank this information did not comment.

April 18, “Ugra” has published the reporting according to which the Bank’s loss for the first quarter was 21.9 billion rubles.

Boris Gryzlov was appointed Minister of internal Affairs of Russia in 2001-2003, after which he held the post of Chairman of the state Duma and has held it until 2011. Since 2002 he was Chairman of the Supreme Council of “United Russia”. In 2011 he became a permanent member of the Security Council.