The owner of Lego named his son successor in the leadership of the company

The richest, according to Forbes, the Dane Kjell kirk Christiansen, whose fortune was estimated in 2015 at $9.7 billion, said that will give your Vice President of Lego A/S your 37-year-old son, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Thomas kirk Christiansen also change the father on a post of the Chairman of the Lego Foundation, which owns 25% toy manufacturer. Cell kirk Christiansen would retain the position of head of the family holding Kirkbi A/S, which owns the other 75% Lego. He is the owner of this structure, along with son Thomas and his two sisters, said the WSJ.

According to the publication, the new Vice-President will have to deal with sustainability of growth of the company, which currently looking for something to replace plastic, which is obtained as a result of processing oil and from which are sets of toys. He also wants to prove that Lego is not only fun but has educational value.

The appointment of Thomas Kirk Kristiansen became the next step in the succession process, which began in 2004, when the company was first headed by a person who is not a member of the family — jørgen Vig Knudstorp. In 2007, elder Christiansen bought a share of his sister, causing the number of owners Lego fell to him and his three children, reminds WSJ.

The family decided that in every generation one representative will be elected “the most active owner that will control and regulate the relations between family, company and the Fund. The latest generation, according to the publication, consists of daughter of Thomas Kirk Kristiansen and five of her cousins. According to the heir, in the future the owners of the company do not intend to lead the family business.

Lego was founded in 1916, OLE kirk Christiansen. Thomas is his grandson.

Original Lego sets were made from wood, but from 1947 they were made from plastic. The company’s products are sold in more than 140 countries. At the end of last year, net profit of the company grew by 31%, to $1.34 billion