The suburbs demanded that the Crocus Group to pay hundreds of millions of rubles

The Moscow region government in court demanding from the company Crocus Group to pay on account of property tax of hundreds of millions of rubles, reported on the meeting of the Mosobldumy, the head of the regional Ministry of property relations Andrey Averkiev.

“We have litigation, for example, with the group of companies Crocus. They have more than a million square meters — Crocus, “Vegas”, “Kashirskiy Dvor”, “Your house”. Popular objects of trade, — said Averkiev. — We are in the courts”.

According to the Minister, taking advantage of some “gaps”, the company has managed to set the cadastral value of their objects (with the area more than million square meters) on the “ridiculous” level in 6 to 14 thousand rubles. per square meter. This price, as explained Averkiev, is “unfair” and “unjust”, and the budget of the Moscow region loses significant amounts.

“The benefit to the company is obvious, it is estimated hundreds millions roubles, but it is a blow to the regional budget. We will insist on the fact that the actions infringe on the rights of the Moscow region. And in court will prove his innocence,” said Averkiev (quoted by RIAMA).

The Minister noted that the tax burden on shopping malls in the Moscow region on average 40% lower than the same objects on the other side of the MKAD, but already in Moscow. “The average cadastral value on the territory of Moscow region is lower than in Moscow. And despite the fact that the tax rate in Moscow is below, anyway the tax burden is more than 40% of owners in Moscow are higher,” explained Averkiev.

Us-Soviet joint commercial company “Crocus international” was founded by Aras Agalarov in 1989, in 1992 it was reorganized into ZAO “Crocus, or Crocus Group. The group manages real estate, including shopping and exhibition complex “Crocus city”, and is one of the largest developers in Russia. In 2014, Agalarov estimated annual turnover of Crocus Group approximately $1 billion.

Before it became known that the government Commission on legislative activities endorsed the Ministry prepared a draft law, depriving independent commercial company the right to conduct cadastral valuation of real estate. In the case of the adoption of the new law cadastral valuation will be able to hold public institutions only.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin pointed to the risk of establishing a monopoly controlled by the regional authorities of institutions for conducting cadastral valuation. “Given that revenue from land tax and property tax go to the regional and local budgets, the transfer of a cadastral estimation of the regions controlled by regional administrations of the organization will lead to a direct conflict of interests”, — Shokhin wrote in a letter to Deputy economic development Minister Pavel Korolev.

The new system of taxation of real estate based on its cadastral (close to market) value, phased in Russia in 2014. Earlier physical persons pay the tax on the inventory value, which included only the cost of materials and construction operations adjusted for depreciation of the building, and legal entities — from book value, which is comparable to the inventory. By 2020, the transition to taxation based on cadastral value of the property, must be completed in all regions and for companies and for citizens.