Winning States: trump and Clinton to step away from the presidential nomination

Winning States: trump and Clinton to step away from the presidential nomination

Businessman Donald trump with a crushing score won in all five States where on Tuesday, the Republican party of the United States held primaries. He scored from 54% (in Maryland) to 64% (in Rhode island) of the votes of Republican voters. Thus, it rivals — Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, and Governor of Ohio John Kasich — even collectively never able to get a majority of votes. Moreover, in almost all these States the rule “the winner takes it all” — winning trump on Tuesday earned him the voices of the 105 delegates to the July Congress of the party, which will determine the presidential candidate. His rivals got only two of six delegate votes. To win in the first round of voting for the businessman it is necessary to collect from 1237 2472 votes at Tuesday’s close for him pledged to vote already 949 delegates. Cruz and together Kasica 697 votes.

The Alliance did not work

The Republican establishment over the last month hoped to end the winning streak of trump, forming directed against him by the Union of Cruz and Kasika. If the strategy on the erosion of the Republican electorate worked and none of the candidates receives a simple majority of votes, the party bosses would be able to achieve the so-called Treaty of the Congress.

During the first round of voting on Treaty Congress all delegates are required to vote for the winner of the race in his state. If at the end of voting, the winner is not determined, a second round in which delegates are released from obligations to “their” candidates, and it takes the Republican leadership. It is, for its part, can offer to vote for the candidate-the outsider or even for a third-party person. As the possible candidates were called, for example, one of the representatives of the Republicans in the 2012 election MITT Romney or the current speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan (he refuses the nomination). If the winner is not determined and in the second round, repeated voting continues until the victory of one of the nominees.

That strategy worked, biggest Republican donors have begun to actively invest in the Cruz campaign — at the end of April the total funds accumulated since the start of the race his headquarters, amounted to $122 million versus $36.7 million from trump. And last weekend, Cruz and Kasich decided to divide some States, where they have not had the primaries. So, Kasich refused to actively participate in the primaries in Indiana and cruise — in Oregon and new Mexico.

Candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party, Donald trump

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Almost candidate

Trump, who has already seriously undermined the strategy of the Republicans, after defeating rivals in the primaries in new York last week, called the agreement between Cruz and Casecom “doomed”. “It was all over. As for me, it’s over,” triumphantly declared the businessman on the results of the primaries on Tuesday, his supporters gathered in the lobby of the Trump Tower in new York.

The defeat of the opponents trump in New England was a heavy defeat: the Republican leadership had placed on local voters hopes, because it is one of the most affluent and cosmopolitan States in the country. It was assumed that they had to turn one’s stomach anti-immigrant and populist rhetoric of the businessman, said The New Yorker. Besides against trump in favor of the current Republican governors of Massachusetts and of Maryland, Charlie Baker and Larry Hogan. Party bosses failed the fact that they messed up the moderation of candidates, who previously was nominated in this region, with moderation the average voter.

Perhaps trump is too much of a hurry, but if in a week he will win the primaries in Indiana, to get a majority among the delegates it is enough to keep one California, where a preliminary vote will take place on 7 June. The average index of support for his candidacy, calculate the website RealClearPolitics, in Indiana, is about 40% vs 33% at cruise and 19% in Kasika. In California trump can count on 46% of Republican votes, its opponents by 28 and 18%, respectively.

A clear leader for the Democrats

In the fight for the nomination in the Democratic party intrigue there is still less than the Republicans. The nominal favorite, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, in the next round of primaries defeated the “democratic socialist” Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, in four of the five States where the vote took place. Despite the fact that the separation from Clinton Sanders on voices of ordinary delegates was not so large (1632 vs 1299), plays an important role in support of the former first lady from the so-called super-delegates — representatives of the party establishment. Superdelegates almost entirely supported Clinton (519 of 712). Thus, to sum up the votes of the delegates and super-delegates, Clinton is already the voice at 2151 2382 needed for the presidential nomination.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

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As noted by The New York Times, after the Tuesday primaries, Clinton can behave as “de facto winner in the fight for the nomination from the Democrats”. The coming weeks, according to her advisers, former us Secretary of state will hold, honing their performances for the election campaign in the General election, and activates the collection of donor funds.