Associated with ISIS, the hackers posted details of thousands of new Yorkers

The group associated with the “Islamic state” (LIH, an organization banned in Russia) hackers posted the personal information of thousands of new Yorkers, calling them a target for militants of the terrorist organization, Reuters reports citing its sources.

Published by the hackers includes names, home addresses, and email addresses. In some cases the information is outdated, according to an anonymous source of Reuters.

According to the Agency, the new York city police and agents of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) is currently misleading appeared in the list of new Yorkers about the incident, however, argue that the immediate danger is gone.

Several days earlier a group of hackers, known as “Liberalitas”, announced the theft of personal data of a number of staff, U.S. Department of State.

Earlier the hacker group ISIS has posted a list of names, a hundred soldiers of the U.S. army, as well as their photos and addresses, urging the terrorists to kill the military.

Since 2013, U.S. authorities arrested more than 70 people on charges for aiding ISIS.