Mail.Ru Group will help the state to create a messenger for officials

In connection with the official

Officials and business representatives consider the creation of a messenger for government agencies, said on 28 April, the presidential adviser on the Internet German Klimenko during a meeting on the implementation of the program of import substitution of software. The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister Alexey Sokolov, President of the information democracy Foundation Ilya Massukh, the staff of regional ministries and business representatives. Among the latter — head of Department of the holding Instant Messenger Mail.Ru Group Igor Ermakov.

“We asked Mail.Ru Group to explore the theme of messengers in state agencies”, — said Klimenko. According to him, the final decision on product development is still pending, since may will need small crushing [the service] to different state bodies”. The timing and the project budget has not yet been discussed, said the Advisor to the President.

According to Klimenko, Mail.Ru Group is the only company that has developments on the topic. “The expertise they have is the best,” said the official. “If Mail.Ru I will say that this is a solvable problem, please. Imagine that you will be able to chat in the messenger with the officer, and he will answer”, — said Klimenko. According to him, civil servants are able to use any messengers, “but the hierarchy of the public service involves the creation of a separate structure”.

The Institute of development Internet (IRI), which was founded Klimenko, has developed the draft decisions on the meeting. According to the document, Mail.Ru Group and IRI, with the support of the Ministry of communications will develop the concept of establishing a universal system of instant electronic interaction to the Federal bodies of Executive power”.

Alternative To Facebook

Ermakov confirmed that Mail.Ki Group has extensive experience in development of instant messaging, but the company at least wants to hear what the state wants”. Today all government agencies use different instant messengers, said the Manager Mail.Ru Group. According to him, in General, you can use any service, but the state agencies “there is a request for a security that does not satisfy existing market products. The government also requires that the messenger was integrated into the internal system. “It would be great if a staff member received the messenger with all his colleagues, Facebook, for example, does not solve this problem”, — concluded..

He admitted that the company has not applied for inclusion of its messengers in the registry of domestic software, as worked with private clients. According to Ermakova, Klimenko told him that there was a request to create a “gomessenger” and it would be great to discuss with the holding the subject. “Maybe we can tell in which direction to move, because we have open source solutions and proprietary technology,” — said Ermakov. He has not yet discussed the timing of the creation of the product, but noted that “Mail.Ru Group lives in the mobile world, and can do everything quickly — within a few months.” Part of the source already open, and the company may open its whole, if it is necessary to state, he added.

According Mail.Ru Group, the global active audience of the messengers of the holding’s Agent” and ICQ — is 18.8 million and 11 million users per month, respectively.

High-ranking officials and parliamentarians repeatedly raised the topic of the dangers of the use of Russian civil servants on foreign services for messaging. In August 2015, the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev asked the governors to “take measures” to the officials that use the mail services of Google, Yahoo and messenger WhatsApp for transmission of service information. In November of that year the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Vadim Solovyov said about the intention to introduce to Parliament a bill to ban the use of officials of foreign software, including WhatsApp.