The body of the deceased in Syria special forces officer was taken to Russia

Russian defense Ministry announced that the body of the deceased in Syria, the senior Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko was returned to Russia, reports TASS.

“As a result of joint special events with the participation of representatives of the Syrian authorities and the Kurdish militia, the body of the deceased officer brought to Moscow”, — said the Agency.

On the transfer body, representatives of the Russian authorities earlier said the Kurdish militia. “This was achieved through negotiations between us and the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). This special operation was carried out for humanitarian purposes. The body was handed over to the Russian government,” — said the official representative of the Kurdish Units of people’s defense” Redur Khalil

The Ministry of defense notes that in the departmental health facility has been completed procedure the genetic identification of the deceased special forces officer. The funeral ceremony, where Prokhorenko will give military honors, will be held in coordination with the relatives of the deceased.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded the officer title of Hero of Russia for courage and heroism in the performance of military duty. His name will be called out in Orenburg.

The officer was killed in Syria on March 17, at Palmyra. He was surrounded by militants, carrying out the task of guidance of the strokes of Russian aircraft in near the village of Tadmor. The defense Ministry reported that the senior Lieutenant had caused the fire itself.

The death Prokhorenko became the sixth officially confirmed the loss of Russia in Syria. He and Ivan Cheremisin and Fedor Zhuravlev killed in ground operations (teaching or solving the Syrian military intelligence tasks). Another soldier, Vadim Kostenko, according to official figures, hanged himself. Oleg Peshkov ran the su-24 bomber that was shot down Turkish air force. Alexander Pozynich marine died during an operation to rescue crew members of the downed plane.