The media learned about the decision of the United States and Russia to declare “silence mode” in Syria

American and Russian military agreed on the 30th of April “day of silence” in the district of Damascus and in Latakia province. The decision was taken by the so-called task force monitoring the ceasefire in Syria, which operates as part of an International Syria support group (ISSG). It is reported TASS citing a source in the group.

“RIA Novosti”, citing a diplomatic source in this group, also reports on the agreement reached by Russia and the United States. The Agency reports that the “silent mode” will be effective from 30 April, and not just one day. According to him, we are talking about the Northern areas of Latakia and suburbs of Damascus. According to the source, in the target group is calculated that the opposing sides will respect the ceasefire.

In recent days in Syria fighting despite the cease-fire that was reached with the participation of Russia and the United States on February 27. “This is an additional step towards the resolution of local problematic issues,” — said the source RIA Novosti news Agency” the need to declare “silence mode”. According to him, Russia and the United States as co-chairs of the task force on ceasefire should act as guarantors of execution of the agreements.

In Damascus and its suburbs “silent mode” will be entered for 24 hours, in Latakia — for 72 hours, added the Agency interlocutor. At the same time, the source TASS said that “silence mode” has no fixed duration. “We are not yet set, will see how it goes” — quoted by his Agency.

The source of “RIA Novosti” said that “silence mode” will not apply to Aleppo, where the last days are the most violent clashes. On the eve of the Syrian human rights activists reported that the victims of the air strike on a hospital in Aleppo have been killed at least 27 people. According based Syrian center for monitoring the observance of human rights, as a result of the strikes in six days the rebels controlled parts of Aleppo killed 91 civilians into army-controlled part of Syria — 49 people.

On the eve of the United States called on Russia to put pressure on the Syrian authorities to stop the fighting. The official U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby, commenting on reports about the strike on the hospital in Aleppo, said the Syrian regime needs to stop these totally senseless attack”.

Kirby pokereval that the us military could not put this airstrike. A similar statement was made by the Russian defense Ministry. However, the spokesperson of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov said the day before that according to the Russian military on 27 April in the airspace over Aleppo for the first time after a long break, worked the plane one of the countries of the so-called “antiepilepsy” coalition”.

The ceasefire, declared on 27 February, does not apply to banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” and other formations recognised by the UN security Council as terrorist.