Apple came up with a way to warn users about the auto-correction words

Users of Apple products will be spared from embarrassing situations, which results in the use of auto-correction, if the developers will Supplement this function by the application, a description of which is set out in the patent. About it told the publication Apple Insider.

According to the description the app will highlight the message that all words are automatically fixed by the operating system. Currently, this allocation is visible only to the sender and only in certain circumstances: when using the recorder for iOS will underline in blue all words are spelled correctly which the system is not sure, reminiscent of Apple Insider.

The publication notes that in other cases, the automatic change of words occurs without any user intervention, which leads to misunderstandings, especially if the message was written quickly, and the sender has not viewed before clicking on the shipment.

New invention Apple will complement the existing parameter check auto-correction after magictouch text. As a result, recipients will be able to see what words were changed by the program, however, will not be able to see the original message.

Instead, in unclear cases, iOS will offer to seek clarification from the sender — for example, to clarify, will there be a meeting in the “five” or “again”.