In Kamchatka lit sent for recycling nuclear submarine

In the dock at the Vilyuchinsk Kamchatka lit a nuclear submarine sent for recycling. About it “RIA Novosti” said a source familiar with the situation. “The fire started, the circumstances are clarified,” he said, adding that the submarine for recycling has been transferred to the balance of “Rosatom”.

According to the source Agency “Kam 24” in the military, lit the bow of a nuclear submarine. It is reported that the cruiser docks for recycling, it is partly dismantled, the reactor core is unloaded, so the fire should not lead to serious consequences.

Source TASS in the shipbuilding industry added that also with the submarine “long shot” power plant and weapons as the submarine is in utilization since the beginning of 2000-ies. “There is only the body remained”, he concluded.

As the source said “Cominform was set on fire, rubber covering of a boat. “There is no danger”, — he said.

Later the source of “RIA Novosti” reported that now is pouring, the interior and the surface of the boat, extinguishing of fire is not yet completed. He noted that the fire area is 30 sq. m.

The representative of “Rosatom”, in turn, told the news Agency that the fire at the enterprise of the state Corporation in Vilyuchinsk was not. “In our company “, DalRAO” (far Eastern center for radioactive waste) in the city of Vilyuchinsk were no fires there,” he said.

The press service of the defense Ministry, “Interfax” was told that it is about submarine of project 949 “Krasnoyarsk” 1983 year of construction. According to the Agency, the fire occurred during the execution of works for dismantling of the housing.