A column of US military equipment crossed the border of Moldavia

A column of American armored vehicles entered the territory of Moldova to participate in exercise Dragon Pioneer 2016. It is reported by the Moldovan edition of Omega.

It clarifies the issue with reference to TV channel Publika, the country entered more than 100 armored vehicles, while initially stated there were only 58 units.

The column passed with the support brought from Chisinau special police, after her passage tried to prevent several deputies of the party of socialists, accompanied by party activists.

As adds “Notebook-Moldova, deputies of the party of socialists together with the activists of “Young guard” greeted the American soldiers were greeted with posters and slogans “NATO, we don’t!” and St. George ribbons on his chest.

The teachings of the Dragon Pioneer 2016 will be held in Moldova from 3 to 20 may, they will join 200 troops of the US Army and military Nazarii 165 of Moldova.