Brussels predicted the need for “pinch the nose” for the abolition of visas with Turkey

Wednesday, may 4, the Commission shall give conditional approval for the introduction of a visa-free regime between the Schengen area and Turkey, informs Bi-bi-si with reference to own source. At the same time, diplomats said that by that date, Turkey has not fulfilled the half of the 72 conditions that were put forward by the EU.

This step clarifies the issue, is part of the deal between Turkey and the EU on the settlement of the migration crisis, aggravated in the end of last year. The Turkish government has pledged to take back some of the workers trapped on the territory of the EU and to take measures to stop newly arriving refugees. At the same time, Turkey still needs to fulfil the requirements of Europe, to meet the criteria in internal policy, in particular to ensure the competitiveness of political forces, freedom of expression and political rights of minorities.

According to BBC Europe editor Katya Adler, if the Commission does not approve the granting of visa-free regime, Turkey can ignore your obligation to return and retention of refugees. In her opinion, despite the failure to comply with the EU by Ankara, the European Commission may approve the decision “holding his nose”, because she doesn’t have a better plan.