“Gazprom” has submitted to the Belarusian arbitration claim for underpayment for gas

The company “Gazprom transgaz Belarus” (on 100% belongs “to Gazprom”) has addressed in arbitration court with the complaint for untimely and incomplete payment of gas supplied to it by the Belarusian regional gas companies, said Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko.

“This attitude of economic entities — our regional gas “Gazprom transgaz Belarus”. Like “Gazprom transgaz” filed in the arbitration court at the Belarusian chamber of Commerce and industry, believes that they, the gas companies, some paid for the gas that we receive from January 1 this year”, — said Deputy Prime Minister reporters (quoted by TASS).

In the company’s filing confirmed. In a press-service “Gazprom transgaz Belarus”, “RIA Novosti” said that “in connection with the indebtedness of the gas supply organizations of Belarus to pay for the delivered natural gas company defends its interests in accordance with the terms of contracts”.

In late February, energy Minister of Belarus Vladimir Potupchik has estimated the total debt of consumers to power companies and gas companies at $600 million, “due to the fact that not all business entities are faithfully fulfilling their contractual obligations, we accumulate debt. Today the debt before the energy industry and gas companies in total amounted to about $600 million every business entity work, are introduced with appropriate limits, including the supply of electricity and gas supplies, claim work is conducted through the courts. The work includes the whole range of tools we have,” — said the Minister (quoted by BelTA).

Summing up the end of 2015, the Ministry of energy of Belarus reported that the payment for imported energy produced it, gas and utility companies “in full, in accordance with the treaties”, although most gas companies did not provide “absolutely the raising of funds released to consumers of natural gas.”

In early April of 2016, “Gazprom” refused to reduce the price of gas for Belarus. Deputy Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” Valery Golubev then explained that Russia supplies Belarus gas at a price of production, to which is added the cost of transportation.

In his annual message to the people in April 2016, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated the need for a reorientation of consumers from gas to electricity, which will generate the Belarusian nuclear power plant. “We will have a “surplus”, as they say, are in quotes, of electricity after the date of the nuclear station. Let’s rebuild our economy and our people are on electricity. Instead of natural gas, oil and so on, where you can replace it with your own product — electricity. This is why we today are not to do? Why in the home not to Orient people to the electricity? In this case, since we will have so-called power surplus, reducing significantly the price of this product. We must prepare for this today. This is the task of the day”, — said Lukashenko.

The company “Gazprom transgaz Belarus” provides gas transportation through the territory of Belarus and the gas supply of consumers of the Republic, and also leads the implementation of the gas through its own network of automobile gas-filling compressor stations (AGFCS). The transmission system operated by Gazprom transgaz Belarus”, includes more than 7.9 thousand km of gas pipelines (including those owned by “Gazprom” Belarusian section of the gas pipeline “Yamal — Europe” with a length of 575 km), three underground gas storage, gas distribution stations 226 and 27 CNG filling stations.