The billionaire from the USA told about the sensations from getting into the Forbes list

American billionaire Tilman Fertitta, the TV channel CNBC said that he had experienced “one of the best feelings in life, learning about your contact in the list of billionaires, according to Forbes magazine.

“It’s as if I said, “Damn, looks like you really achieved it in the area in which would be successful,” — said the billionaire.

He noted that valuation of assets allows to judge the success of the entrepreneur. “I am not an athlete, so you do not consider, how many touchdowns or how many yards I ran, or how many times he hit home run, or what is my average percentage of beating. How do you measure the business? For pure value,” — said the businessman.

Fertitta said that about your getting into the ranks of billionaires learned from the employees of Forbes magazine, which called him and asked to clarify certain pieces of data indicating that estimate his fortune at $1.3 billion, the Businessman noted that he had checked the paper and convinced of the rightness of journalists. According to him, getting into the Forbes list was a complete surprise to him. “Did I ever what really gets him? No,” he said.

Tilman Fertitta is engaged in the restaurant business and casino. He owned Corporation owns Landry’s, in particular, by the brand Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. the restaurant chain, whose name was taken from the movie “Forrest Gump”. Fertitta starred in reality show Billion Dollar Buyer for CNBC.

For the first time Forbes has included him in the ranking of billionaires in 2012, calling the richest restaurateur in the world. Then Fertitta took 854 th place in the ranking with a fortune estimated at $1.5 billion In the latest ranking of the world’s billionaires, published in March, Fertitta took the 569-th place, and his fortune was estimated at $3 billion.