The EU has offered to be fined for each refugee turned on €250 thousand

European countries will have to pay compensation for each refugee turned in $250 thousand Such offer contains in the project of new rules on the granting of asylum in the European Union, the Financial Times reports, citing four people familiar with the source.

Changes in the so-called Dublin regulations on refugees, prepared by the European Commission, will be discussed on Wednesday. The reform involves the consolidation of the standard on a uniform distribution of refugees among EU members in case of a sudden crisis, migration, to reduce the burden on border States like Greece.

In the draft revised agreement on refugees will be included in the paragraph, which would enable countries who do not wish to accept migrants, not to participate in the system of their distribution in exchange for payment of a compensation fee.

The FT sources, who told us about the expected amount of compensation, said that in the coming days, this amount may change during the negotiations. One of interlocutors of the edition told that this measure is seen as a kind of “sanctions”. Another diplomat confirmed that, in any case, the price for refusing to accept refugee will be “hundreds of thousands of euros”.

The existing Dublin system provides for the possibility of deportation of refugees by members of the unit in the country of first entry into the European Union that will create an additional burden on such countries as Italy and Greece.

The system of centralized distribution of refugees provides the definition of “fair share” number of migrants per year depending on the population and size of its GDP. If the country will host more than 150 from this quota, it will have the right to send refugees to the European system of redistribution of load migration.

Against forced distribution of refugees was made by the Eastern European countries. Slovakia, for example, appealed to the European court against last year’s decision of the EU quotas for refugees. According to the estimation of FT, in the case of adoption by the European Commission of the penalty provisions for the waiver of quotas for migrant workers Poland will have to pay about $1.5 billion to avoid participation in the program of redistribution.